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New South Wales Miscellaneous Publications Collection (USB)

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Product Description

Media: USB flash drive - 1 USB (58 products, 39800 pages)
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781925135572
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

A collection of 58 New South Wales miscellaneous publications:
39,800 pages
 - 542,831 names (estimate)
 - retail price for products if purchased separately $1405.00
 - supplied on USB flash drive with master index enabling searching the entire collection in a single search
 - supplied as fully searchable PDF files–scans of the original pages, with underlying searchable text

Unlike many products available from international data providers, these files are searchable on every word, not just select names (as far as the original text quality allows conversion to searchable text files). And should there be significant additions to this product in a later version a low-cost upgrade option will be available to those who have purchased this collection.

Products included in this collection (also available for separate purchase, search using either the code or the product title):
 - AU1002
New South Wales & Queensland
 - AU2001 Book of Remembrance University of Sydney
 - AU2002 Australian Contingent: Patriotic Movement NSW
 - AU2003-1884 New South Wales Weekly Notes 1884-1887
 - AU2003-1887 New South Wales Weekly Notes 1887-1890
 - AU2003-1890 New South Wales Weekly Notes 1890-1893
 - AU2003-1893 New South Wales Weekly Notes 1893-1896
 - AU2003-1896 New South Wales Weekly Notes 1896-1898
 - AU2003-1898 New South Wales Weekly Notes 1898-1900
 - AU2004 Bank of NSW Roll of Honour
 - AU2005 Aldine History of New South Wales
 - AU2006 Cyclopedia of New South Wales
 - AU2007 Australian Men of Mark
 - AU2008 Baillieres New South Wales Gazetteer 1870
 - AU2009 Australias Fighting Sons of the Empire (NSW-Qld)
 - AU2011 Willoughby's Fifty Years 1865-1915
 - AU2012 Jubilee History of Parramatta 1861-1911
 - AU2013 Municipal Jubilee of Armidale 1863-1913
 - AU2014 Presbyterian Church New South Wales
 - AU2015 Early Days of Windsor
 - AU2016 Then & Now: Historic Roads Round Sydney
 - AU2017 Hawkesbury & Shoalhaven Calendar, Directory
 - AU2018 Notable Citizens of Sydney
 - AU2019 Municipal Year Book Directory NSW 1907
 - AU2020 History of Broken Hill 1908
 - AU2021 Orange & District Illustrated
 - AU2022 Oasis in the West: Strathfields 100 Years
 - AU2023 Pearsons Road Guide to New South Wales
 - AU2024 Sydney Street Directory 1924 (Wilsons)
 - AU2025-10 Sydney Street Directory c1941 (Gregorys)
 - AU2025-11 Sydney Street Directory c1943 (Gregorys)
 - AU2026 Road Guide New South Wales (Gregorys)
 - AU2028 Handbook to New South Wales 1858
 - AU2029 NSW Crown Land Lease Claims 1848
 - AU2032 Armidale 1863-1938
 - AU2033 Drummoyne: A Western Suburbs History
 - AU2034 Concord Centenary History
 - AU2038 Road Guide New South Wales c1939
 - AU2041-1886 Railway guide of New South Wales 1886
 - AU2042 Journal Society of Australian Genealogists 1933-2008
 - AU2043-07 Sydney Street Directory c1944 (Robinsons)
 - AU2044 Historical and Statistical Account of NSW
 - AU2045 Jubilee History of Newtown
 - AU2046 A History of New South Wales
 - AU2047 Sydneyites As We See 'Em 1913-15
 - AU2048 Guide to City of Sydney
 - AU2049 Concord Jubilee 1883-1933
 - AU2050-1 Historical Records of NSW volume 1
 - AU2050-2 Historical Records of NSW volume 2
 - AU2050-3 Historical Records of NSW volume 3
 - AU2050-4 Historical Records of NSW volume 4
 - AU2050-5 Historical Records of NSW volume 5
 - AU2050-6 Historical Records of NSW volume 6
 - AU2050-7 Historical Records of NSW volume 7
 - AU2101-1893 New South Wales Educational Gazette V3-4
 - AU2102-1925T New South Wales Public Service List (Teachers) 1925
 - AU2102-1934 New South Wales Public Service List 1934
 - AU2120-1887 Sydney University Calendar 1887

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later
Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for titles with searchable text

Samples of many Archive Digital Books Australasia files, including some of the above, are available FREE for download from These usually include the title page, contents, introductory sections, samples of the main pages and the index pages if available.


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