Land Research for Family Historians: Australia and New Zealand - 2nd edn

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 96 pages
Author: C. Riley
Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781922935045
Other: photos, maps, addresses, further reading, glossary, index
Publisher: Unlock the Past

Land research can tell us so much about how our ancestors lived and worked. It can help us find out the truth about stories we've heard, and can give us a much richer picture of our ancestors' social and economic position. If they owned a house, business premises or rural property there are records to be found, many of which contain a wealth of information.

We can also break down brick walls using land records that we have been otherwise unable to solve. Buying or selling property may have been the only time our ancestors dealt with government in colonial times, and land records can contain evidence such as birth dates and names of family members; information that is recorded nowhere else.

This book will introduce you to the main types of records you can find, such as deeds and grants, Torrens titles, Crown leases, selections and conditional purchases, closer and soldier settlements, title applications, maps, and plans. We will look at what they mean and where to find them in New Zealand and each Australian state and territory.

In this second edition the descriptions of records are the same, but their availability may have changed in the ten years since the first edition. The names and websites of government departments have been changed, and the accessibility of records checked and updated.

Whether you are researching the history of your house or tracing the history of an ancestor through the property they owned, this book is for you.

1. Introduction
2. Why land research?
3. Challenges
4. Where to start
5. Where to find land records
6. How to find land records
7. Old System grants and deeds
8. Crown leases and licenses
9. Torrens Title
10. Title applications
11. Government purchase schemes
12. Maps ad plans
13. Local land records
14. Putting it all together
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Land Research for Family Historians: Australia and New Zealand 2nd edn

1 Review
  • Land Research 2nd ed

    Posted by Helen Patterson on 7th May 2023

    Whereas I thought the 1st edition of Carole Riley's Land Research was excellent, I was rather disappointed in this latest edition. Apart from new websites, there was little new information - and the copyediting/proofreading was very poor (e.g the first paragraph on page 37).

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Land Research for Family Historians: Australia and New Zealand - 2nd edn

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