Family Tree Charts

Reseraching your Family history is a fun and addictive project. Some say it never ends.

Isn't the reason we research our family tree so that we can discover and preserve family connections, stories and memories. And ultimately to pass onto the next generation.

We record all this information but how do we pass it on? Computers and the internet have made it easy to keep the information and organise it. But there is still something special about that visual family tree chart.

There are various kinds of Family Tree Chart:

Working family tree charts

The purpose of this is to get the information down and visual so you can see it and add to it (or correct it) at any stage. Not the prettiest, but functional.

Family tree photo charts

Now these ones are all about presentation. They usually only show a few generations. But it is a visual display of the family using your historic photos.

Presentation family tree charts

Create a display of your family tree. These come in a wide range of sizes, styles and even the variety of content they contain.

You can use these as gifts for family members, or to showcase your tree, the choice is yours!

Whichever one you use, always remember this tip:


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