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Victorian Genealogy & History products on sale in June

Australian and States Religious Publications Collection

$1,110.57 $222.86
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Product Description

Media: USB flash drive - 1 USB (143 products, 160,000 pages)
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781925135992
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

A collection of 143 religious publications – National and those that cover several states:
 - 160,000 pages
 - 5,200,000 names (estimate)
 - retail price for products if purchased separately $1492.50
 - supplied on USB flash drive with master index enabling searching the entire collection in a single search
 - supplied as fully searchable PDF files–scans of the original pages, with underlying searchable text

Unlike many products available from international data providers, these files are searchable on every word, not just select names (as far as the original text quality allows conversion to searchable text files).

Should there be significant additions to this product in a later version a low-cost upgrade option will be available to those who have purchased this collection.

Products included in this collection (also available for separate purchase –search using either the code or the product title):
 - AU0130-1896
Australasian Methodist Ministerial Index 1896
 - AU0131-1 Australian Lutheran 1913-20
 - AU0131-2 Australian Lutheran 1921-30
 - AU0131-3 Australian Lutheran 1931-40
 - AU0131-4 Australian Lutheran 1941-50
 - AU0131-5 Australian Lutheran 1951-60
 - AU0131-6 Australian Lutheran 1961-66
 - AU0133 Baptist Missionary Record 1 - Our Bond
 - AU0134 Baptist Missionary Record 2 - Our Indian Field
 - AU0135 Baptist Missionary Record 3 - Our Vision
 - AU0138 Austtlain Baptist 1913-1991
 - AU0139 Southern Baptist 1995-1912 (SA, Tas, Vic) 
 - AU2014 Presbyterian Church New South Wales
 - AU2133-1 Sydney Diocesan Directory 1881-1900
 - AU2133-2 Sydney Diocesan Directory 1901-1910
 - AU2133-3 Sydney Diocesan Directory 1911-1920
 - AU4004 Queensland Freeman 1881-1888
 - AU4005 Queensland Baptist 1890-1990
 - AU4005-1 Queensland Baptist 1890-1902
 - AU4005-2 Queensland Baptist 1903-1913
 - AU4005-3 Queensland Baptist 1923-1931
 - AU4005-4 Queensland Baptist 1951-1960
 - AU4005-5 Queensland Baptist 1961-1970
 - AU4005-6 Queensland Baptist 1971-1980
 - AU4005-7 Queensland Baptist 1981-1990
 - AU4010-1 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1907-20
 - AU4010-2 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1921-30
 - AU4010-3 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1931-40
 - AU4010-4 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1941-50
 - AU4010-5 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1951-60
 - AU4010-6 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1961-70
 - AU4010-7 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1971-79
 - AU4010-8 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1980-90
 - AU4010-9 Queensland Baptist Year Books 1991-2000
 - AU4010-10 Queensland Baptist Year Books 2001-2005
 - AU4084 100 Years Lutheran Church in Qld
 - AU5001 Life of Pastor Abbott
 - AU5006 Our First 100 Years: Baptist Church of SA
 - AU5021 History of Catholic Church in South Australia
 - AU5075 Salem Messenger 1891-1913
 - AU5135-1 Truth & Progress 1868-1880
 - AU5135-2 Truth & Progress 1881-1890
 - AU5135-3 Truth & Progress 1891-1894
 - AU5137-1 Southern Cross SA 1867-69
 - AU6015 Presbyterian Pioneers of Van Diemens Land
 - AU7013 Growth in 50 Years: Presbyterian Church Victoria
 - AU7019 Presbyterian Church of Victoria
 - AU9200 WEA Theological News 1969-2004
 - AU0131C Australian Lutheran Complete 1913-66
 - AU0136 Baptist Missionary Record - Complete Set
 - AU4036 Queensland Baptist Publications 1881-1950
 - AU5135C Truth & Progress Compendium 1868-1894

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later
Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for titles with searchable text

Samples of many Archive Digital Books Australasia files, including some of the above, are available FREE for download from These usually include the title page, contents, introductory sections, samples of the main pages and the index pages if available.


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