Australian and States Biographies Collection (USB)

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Media: USB flash drive - 1 USB (43 products, 35,568 pages)
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781925135978
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Biographical publications are a great source of historical information, and one that is often underused. However there have been many publications that contain biographies of Australians from the pioneers through to the early 1900s.

This USB is a collection of 43 different Australian-related publications that contain a significant number of biographies. Some are state-wide, some are Australia-wide, and while some tend to relate to those who made a significant contribution, not all are ... so they are certainly a worthwhile resource to check.

A collection of 43 biographical products, including biographical registers:
 - 35,568 pages
 - 1,486,726 names (estimate)
 - retail price for products if purchased separately $1345.50
 - supplied on USB flash drive with master index enabling searching the entire collection in a single search
 - supplied as fully searchable PDF files–scans of the original pages, with underlying searchable text

Unlike many products available from international data providers, these files are searchable on every word, not just select names (as far as the original text quality allows conversion to searchable text files).

Products included in this collection (also available for separate purchase – search using either the code or the product title):

 - AU0004 Australian Dictionary Dates & Men
 - AU0018 Founders of Australia
 - AU0020 Blairs Cyclopaedia of Australasia
 - AU0023 Dictionary of Australasian Biography
 - AU0040 Australian Representative Men
 - AU0042 Australian Portrait Gallery & Memoirs
 - AU0052 Dictionary of Australian Biography
 - AU0103-1906 Johns Notable Australians 1906
 - AU2005 Aldine History of New South Wales
 - AU2006 Cyclopedia of New South Wales
 - AU2007 Australian Men of Mark
 - AU2018 Notable Citizens of Sydney
 - AU4003 Aldine History of Queensland
 - AU4006-1915 Queenslanders as we see 'em 1915
 - AU4006-1916 Queenslanders as we see 'em 1916
 - AU4021 Foxs History of Queensland 1919-23
 - AU4028 Queensland and Queenslanders 1936
 - AU4037 Queensland Men of the Time 1885-1900
 - AU5003 Aldine History of South Australia
 - AU5004 Cyclopedia of South Australia 1907-09
 - AU5010 Biographical Northern Yorke Peninsula
 - AU5012 Whos Who: South Australian Centenary 1936
 - AU5016 Pastoral Pioneers of SA
 - AU5024 George Fife Angas
 - AU5031 Colonel William Light: Founder of Adelaide
 - AU5037 Man of All Work: Life & Labours
 - AU5038 Reminiscences of 47 Years Life in South Australia
 - AU5039 Representative Men of South Australia
 - AU5040 Notable South Australians
 - AU5042 SA Centenary Caricatures
 - AU5044 Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-85
 - AU5061 Civic Record of South Australia 1921-23
 - AU5062 Civic Record of South Australia 1936
 - AU6002 Jubilee History of Tasmania
 - AU6003 Cyclopedia of Tasmania 1900
 - AU6005 Tasmanian Cyclopedia 1931
 - AU7001 Cyclopedia of Victoria
 - AU7002 Victoria & its Metropolis 1888
 - AU7014 Men of the Time in Australia: Victorian
 - AU7040 Pioneer Women of Portland Bay
 - AU8001 Cyclopedia of Western Australia 1912-13
 - AU9101 Cyclopedia Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Cook Islands

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later
Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for any title with searchable text


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Australian and States Biographies Collection (USB)

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