Australian and States Military Collection (USB)

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Media: USB flash drive - 1 USB (55 products, 15,126 pages)
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781925135985
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

A collection of 55 military publications – National those that cover several states:
 - 15,126 pages
 - 267,786 names (estimate)
 - retail price for products if purchased separately $1078.50
 - supplied on USB flash drive with master index enabling searching the entire collection in a single search
 - supplied as fully searchable PDF files, –scans of the original pages, with underlying searchable text

Unlike many products available from international data providers, these files are searchable on every word, not just select names (as far as the original text quality allows conversion to searchable text files).

Products included in this collection (also available for separate purchase – search using either the code or the product title)
 - AU0002 Roving Editors 1918
 - AU0008 Australian Contingents to South Africa
 - AU0016 Aussie: Australian Soldiers Magazine
 - AU0027 SAS: Pictorial History 1957-97
 - AU0029 Anzac Memorial
 - AU0034 Uncensored Dardanelles
 - AU0043 From the Australian Front 1917
 - AU0046-1916 Anzac Book 1916
 - AU0053-09 Australian Soldiers Pocket Book 9th ed
 - AU0054 Engineers in Second World War 1939-45
 - AU0056 Australian War Photographs
 - AU0057-07 Australia in The War
 - AU0059 Active Service with Australia
 - AU0060 HMAS
 - AU0061 Soldiering On
 - AU0062 These Eagles
 - AU0063 Jungle Warfare
 - AU0064 Stand Easy
 - AU0065 RAAF Log
 - AU0066 RAAF Saga
 - AU0067 RAAF Victory Roll
 - AU0068 HMAS Mk lll
 - AU0069 HMAS Mk IV
 - AU0070 Khaki and Green
 - AU0071 On Guard
 - AU0079-1946 As You Were 1946
 - AU0079-1947 As You Were 1947
 - AU0079-1948 As You Were 1948
 - AU0079-1949 As You Were 1949
 - AU0079-1950 As You Were 1950
 - AU0084 Story of a Battalion
 - AU0097 History of 10th Battalion A.I.F.
 - AU0107 Under Furred Hats
 - AU0108 HMAS MK II
 - AU0109 Signals
 - AU0111 Rank & Badges in Aust & American Navy, Army & R.A.A.F.
 - AU0119-1942a Telephone Directory 1942 Military Personnel
 - AU0123-4 Second World War in Pictures Fourth Year
 - AU0140 Where the Australians Rest
 - AU1010-VIC All-Australia Memorial Victoria
 - AU2001 Book of Remembrance University of Sydney
 - AU2002 Australian Contingent: Patriotic Movement NSW
 - AU2004 Bank of NSW Roll of Honour
 - AU2009 Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire (NSW-Qld)
 - AU4007 Queenslanders Who Fought in Great War
 - AU4039 Officers of the Queensland Defence Force 1891-1898
 - AU6007 Tasmanians in the Transvaal War
 - AU6016 Tasmanias War Record 1914-1918
 - AU6022 With the Fortieth
 - AU6023 Tasmania War Effort 1939-45
 - AU7016 Victorian Military Forces: General Orders 1895
 - AU7018 Education Department War Service 1914-17
 - AU7036 War Services Old Melburnians
 - AU8010 Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire (WA)

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later
Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for titles with searchable text



4 Reviews
  • An Excellent Research Aid.

    Posted by Greg Knight on 23rd Sep 2021

    Fast delivery and a superior product. The ability to search the whole list in one search is excellent.

  • Australian Military Collection

    Posted by Damien Manca on 1st Sep 2021

    Very resourceful and quite happy to be able to view these items it has helped with my ongoing research I recommend to anyone who is as passionate as myself and devoted to their family tree research to collect as much information that is available it all helps

  • Now I can read them again

    Posted by Dr. Patrick James GOSS on 25th Nov 2019

    I actually have a lot of these books in my library but now due to my fading sight in my one good eye I have no right eye I can read those parts of this War history in larger print on my computer; so Thanks you have "" MADE THIS EIGHTY THREE YEAR OLD

    My family have been over the years ardent soldiers in the Australian Defence Forces. My father in both the first and second World Wars along with five of his brothers in the first World War ( my Uncle George Gosses WW! records are worth the read the whole eighty odd pages of it. Then there is my brother Leonard William Goss a "" RAT of TOBRUK and how he was killed here in Australia in June 1942; Then a look at my brother Normans WW!! record and his escapades or my brother-in-law Harold Collins and his so called participation. Now me of course a two star general that you cannot find one record of what he has got up to; it will be released when I have been dead for fifty years.or so I am told.

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Australian and States Military Collection (USB)

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