Discover Your Sporting Ancestors: It was Not All Work and No Play!

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 56 pages
Author: S. Hicks
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781925323047
Other: b&w & colour photos, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Unlock the Past

Have you ever thought about what sporting activities your ancestors might have been involved with? Were they on the local cricket or football team, or did they play darts at the local pub? Were they keen anglers, swimmers or lifesavers? What about horse racing or regular track and field events? Perhaps they were good administrators and served on sporting committees rather than playing themselves. Men and women were both involved with sports and who can forget their own school sports.

Many communities had a local cricket, football or other sporting team and in some cases memorabilia and/or photographs have been handed down to alert us to an ancestor's involvement in a sporting activity. We may simply discover someone's involvement when searching newspapers or perhaps there is a mention of a sporting club in a funeral notice.

How do you discover more about what they did? This guide shows you where to look for more information and how to make the most of searching websites, newspapers, original records and published sources.

Why not discover your sporting ancestors?

Discover sporting ancestors
- Home sources
- Family and local knowledge
- Newspapers
- Post office directories and almanacs
Men, women and children's sport
- Men
- Women
- Children
- Summary
Online resources
- Online exhibitions
- Dedicated websites
- Online images
- Social media
- Summary
- Sporting newspapers
- The Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 Project
- Summary
Published resources
- Sporting associations
- General histories
- Specific histories
- Biographical histories
- Oral histories
- Local histories
- Summary
Archives of sporting bodies
- Current sporting groups
- Sporting groups no longer in existence
- Summary
International sporting events
- Empire and Commonwealth Games
- Olympic Games (Summer and Winter)
- The Paralympics
- Summary
Appendix 1. Case study North Adelaide Football Club
- Storage and cataloguing
- Publications
- Exhibitions
- Functions
- Research
- Digitising
- Current and future work
Appendix B. Case studies of sporting families
- The Metchers: a sporting family
- The Smith family: another sporting family
- Summary
- Articles
- Magazines
- Books
- Websites



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Discover Your Sporting Ancestors: It was Not All Work and No Play!

MSRP: £8.06
You save £5.46
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