Find Your Czech and Slovak Ancestors

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 154 pages
Author: S. Szabados
ISBN: 9781728819945
Other: b&w photos, maps, index 
Publisher: Independently Published

This book is designed to give the researcher the tools needed to research their Czech and Slovak ancestors and find possible answers to the origins of your heritage. It outlines a simple process that will identify where your ancestors were born and where to find their records.

The author, Stephen Szabados, uses his own genealogical research experience to outline a simple process that has been successful for the author. The book lists many sources of information that will add to your family history; identify where your ancestors were born and where to find their Czech and Slovak records.

Traditional sources are covered but it also discusses many new and exciting sources for records. 'Find your Czech and Slovak Ancestors' includes many sample documents and tips that should prove useful for both the beginner and the veteran genealogist, and covers the most up-to-date collection of sources for Czech and Slovak genealogy that will prove to be invaluable when doing your research.

This book is for people with roots in Bohemia (Czech), Slovakia, Moravia, or Silesia who feel the need to develop, preserve and share the genealogical, historical and cultural knowledge of their ancestors. 

Introduction: Czechs and Slovaks in America
1. Immigration to America
 - History of Immigration
 - Why Did the Czechs and Slovaks Leave Their Homes?
 - Challenges of Emigration
 - Where Dud They Go?
2. Finding Town Names
 - Find Town Names Associated with your Ancestor
 - Documents from Home
 - Talk to Older Relatives
 - Marriage Records
 - Naturalization Petitions
 - Passenger Manifests
 - Social Security Application
 - Military Records
 - Employment/Retirement Records
 - Death Records
3. Find Locations
 - Border Changes
 - Gazetteers
 - Maps
4. Czech and Slovak Records
 - Finding Czech Records
 - Finding Slovak Records
5. Translate
 - Translate Czech and Slovak Records
 - Alphabets
 - Old Scripts
 - Genealogy Word Lists
 - Using Translators
6. Brickwalls
 - DNA Testing
 - Search Tips
 - Google Search
 - Online Family Trees
7. Genealogy Education
 - Books
 - Online Study (Videos)
 - Genealogy Societies
 - Museums
Appendix A. Useful Websites

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Find Your Czech and Slovak Ancestors

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