The Haigs of Bemersyde: A Family History

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (496 pages)
Author: J. Russell
Year: (1881)
Publisher: ScotPress

The history of the Haigs has for centuries been intertwined with the lands of Bemersyde which they held. Family legend said they were of Pictish origin, but an Anglo-Norman feudal origin is more likely. They settled at Bemersyde on the River Tweed in Roxburghshire in the reign of King Malcolm IV. Through the centuries, this family often was at the center of national life, and shared the fate of the causes they espoused. This history is a comprehensive one, tracing the fate of this primary line over the course of many centuries. Included are genealogies of the Haigs of Bemersyde, Clackmannanshire, and Yorkshire. There is as well an extensive chapter on Border life and customs.

This CD consists of scans of the original book, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

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The Haigs of Bemersyde: A Family History

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