Teach Yourself Palaeography: A Guide for Genealogists and Local Historians

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 160 pages
Author: C. Jarvis
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9780750998772
Other: 175 b/w illustrations, appendixes, sources
Publisher: The History Press

If you want to learn to read and know about old handwriting, this is the only book you will need.

This is the very first 'teach yourself' book on palaeography, covering all the skills that the genealogist needs to read any document that might be found at any date in English archives.

Taking the form of a series of graded exercises in transcription, it works backwards in time from the modern handwriting of the nineteenth century in easy stages to the 'court hands' of the medieval period, focusing on records that are of particular interest to family and local historians.

It also provides a unique, self-contained reference guide to palaeography, and to all the different letter forms, symbols and abbreviations that have ever been used in English records. 


1 The Nineteenth and Eighteenth Centuries
2 The Later Seventeenth Century
3 The Sixteenth Century: Records in English
4 The Sixteenth Century: Records in Latin
5 Court Hands

Answers to Exercises
Appendix A: Glossary
     A.1 Some General Terms
     A.2 English Documentary Hands
     A.3 Terms Used to Describe Handwriting
     A.4 Descriptions of Different Letter Forms
Appendix E: Transcription Conventions
Appendix C: Typical Letter Forms
     C.l Secretary Hand Letter Forms
     C.2 Court Hand Letter Forms
Appendix D: Marks of Abbreviation, Punctuation and Correction
     D.l Marks of Abbreviation: English
     D.2 Marks of Abbreviation: Latin
     D.3 Punctuation and Correction Marks
Appendix E: Numbers: Numerals, Money and Dates

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Teach Yourself Palaeography: A Guide for Genealogists and Local Historians

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