Tracing Your Oxfordshire Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 208 pages
Author: N. Lisle
Year: 2018
ISBN: 97815266723956
Other: b&w photos, indexes
Publisher: Pen & Sword

Oxfordshire has a proud history as an agricultural county, relying for centuries on the wool trade for its prosperity. It is also famous for the founding of Oxford University in the eleventh century and for the Morris Motors car factory established in Oxford in 1912. The county is richly endowed with churches, museums, stately homes, industrial heritage sites and other places of interest, all offering a fascinating insight into its past and its present.

In this informative and practical guide, Nicola Lisle explores Oxfordshire’s diverse history, including its industries and occupations, education, religion, transport, law and order, health services, leisure pursuits and the impact of both world wars. Each chapter includes details of relevant archives, libraries, online resources, further reading and places to visit, together with case studies and research tips.

This is an essential handbook for anyone with an interest in Oxfordshire local and family history, and is suitable both for beginners and for more experienced researchers.

1. Introduction to Oxfordshire
 - A Brief History of Oxfordshire
 - Organisation of the County
 - Overview of Oxfordshire's Archives and Resources
 - Other Archives
 - How to Use this Book
 - Further Reading
2. Getting Started with Oxfordshire Records
 - Civil Registration
 - Census Returns
 - Probate Returns
 - Poll Books and Electoral Registers
 - Directories
 - Newspapers and Magazines
 - Maps
 - Photographs and Oral Histories
 - Diaries and Personal Papers
 - Further Reading
3. Church of England and Non-Conformity
 - Parish Registers and Bishos' Transcripts
 - Non-Conformists and Other Faiths (Baptists, Quakers, Methodists, Congregationalists and the United Reformed Church, Roman Cathilics, Jews)
 - Graves and Monumental Inscriptions
 - Places to Visit
 - Further Reading
4. Healthcare, Poverty and Crime
 - Local Hospitals and Healthcare
 - Looking After the Poor
 - Criminal Ancestors
 - Police
 - Places to Visit
 - Further Reading 
5. Agricultural Industries
 - The Cotswold Wool Trade
 - Brewing
 - Finding Textile and Brewing Ancestors
 - Places to Visit
 - Further Reading
6. Transport and Industry
 - Canals
 - Railways
 - The Age of Industry
 - Publishing and the Oxford University Press
 - Car Manufacturing
 - Places to Visit
 - Further Reading
7. Education
 - Oxford University
 - Schools
 - Adult Education
 - Further Reading
8. Oxfordshire at War
 - Oxfordshire Regiments
 - Military Resources
 - War Graves and Memorials
 - Life on the Home Front
 - Places to Visit
 - Further Reading
9. Oxfordshire at Play
 - Theatre and Music
 - Sport and Leisure
 - Morris Dancing
 - Places to Visit
 - Further Reading
10. Directory of Archives, Libraries and Other Useful Resources
 - Government Organisations
 - National Archives and Libraries
 - Local Archives and Libraries
 - Museums, Heritage Centres and Other Places of Historical Interest
 - Family and Local History Societies
 - Useful Websites
 - Family History Mailing Lists and Online Forums

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Tracing Your Oxfordshire Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians


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