Sand and Stone: Cattle and Conflict (2 vols)

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 2 vols, 432 pages
Author: K. Moran
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9780859054492
Other: index, b&w photos
Publisher: Hesperian Press

Sand and Stone continues to chronicle the story of the violent hidden history of Western Australia's Kimberley Region in this two part volume 'Cattle and Conflict'.

The settlers faced a battle for their survival and the very existence of the pastoral industry was threatened by the unfettered cattle killing of Aborigines.The pioneer police of this perilous and beautiful region were called upon to stem the slaughter and bring the stock killers to justice. It is a violent story of two cultures so far apart from understanding the other that nought else could result except conflict.

The story is played out against the background of Pigeon and his gang of murderers.The settlers continued to work and live in fear, as the small pioneer Kimberley Police Force on the furthest frontier in Australia, fought the dangerous cattle killers, in their own country. These Kimberley policemen were a remarkable group of bushmen, educated, brave, and tenacious in pursuit until the stock slaughter was curtailed and murderers killed or captured.

Origins of the title and the author's approach to the work
The Author
1. Founding Years Broome
2. A Turbulent Town Durby 1891
3. Kimberley Goldfield Population - 18 females - 162 men - 180 total Halls Creek 1891
4. Wyndham a Pleasant Place 1891
5. A Pestilence Wyndham July-December 1891
6. Progress Wyndham 1892
7. A Hanging Halls Creek
8. Relationships Halls Creek 1892
9. Dolan's Pursuit Halls Creek
10. Murders of Men and Killing of Cattle Derby 1892
11. Fear Derby July-December 1892
12. Instructions Halls Creek 1893-1894
13.Aboriginal Actions Derby January to June 1893

14. Diminishing Population Derby July-December 1893
15. Multicultural Malfeasance Derby January-June 1894
16. Many Murders Derby July-December 1894
17. An Orderly Town Wyndham 1895
18. Murder and Fever Derby 1895
19. A Wife Arrives Derby July-December 1895
20. A Declining Goldfield and Increasing Patrols Halls Creek 1895
21.Patrols Halls Creek 1896-1897
22. Cattle Shipments Commence Wyndham January-June 1896
23. Three Cat-O-Nine-Tails Wyndham July-December 1896
24. Wet and Quiet Derby January-June 1896
25. Searching for Lost Explorers Derby July-December 1896
26. Letter of the Law Wyndham January-July 1897
27. Police and Aborigines in Conflict and Friendship Wyndham July- December 1897
28. Dangerous Occupations Derby 1897
29. Murderous Escapees Derby July-December 1897
30. Power of Money and Position Wyndham January-July 1898
31. Ah Sing's Murder Wyndham July-December 1898
32. Unwanted Liaisons and a Tranquil Time Derby 1898
33. Police Deaths and Dismissals Derby July-December 1898
34. On the Tracks of Cattle Killers Halls Creek 1898
35. Forest River Mission Stations Abandoned Wyndham January-June 1899
36. 12 of His Own Country Men Wyndham July-December 1899
37. Federations Rolls and Stock and Industrial Returns Halls Creek 1899
38. A Pursuits End Nears Derby 1899
39. The Hunt Ends Derby July-December 1899
40. On Patrol Again Halls Creek
41. In Decline Wyndham 1900
42. The Last Colonial Year Derby 1900
1901 The Days of Federation Begin
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Sand and Stone: Cattle and Conflict (2 vols)

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