Spinifex and Sand

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 276 pages
Author: D. Carnegie
Year: 1989
ISBN: 0859051390
Publisher: Hesperian Press

In 1897-1897, the Hon. David Wynford Carnegie, born in 1871, youngest son of the Earl of Southesk, led one of the last great expeditions in the exploration of Australia. Hi route from Lake Darlot to Hall Creek and return, took thirteen months and covered three thousand miles. Carnegie financed his expedition from the results of a successful gold strike at Lake Darlot.

Arriving in Australia in 1892, with his friend Lord Percy Douglas, he learnt the ways of the bush as a miner, prospector and engine driver, taking several small expeditions into unknown areas in search of gold.

The first hand account of the Coolgardie gold rush, the suffering of the prospectors, great gold discoveries, his own long march with typhoid fever, the desert tribes, the constant search for water, the death of one of his men and the vastness of the surrounding desert, are all woven together in 'Spinifex and Sand', one of the most readable accounts of exploration in Australia.

List of Illustrations

Part 1. Early Days in Coolgardie
1. Early Days in the Colony
2. 'Hard Up'
3. A Miner on Bayley's

Part 2. First Prospecting Expedition
1. The Rush to Kurnalpi - We Reach Queen Victoria Spring
2. In Unknown Country
3. From Mount Shenton to Mount Margaret

Part 3. Second Prospecting Expedition
1. The Joys of Portable Condensers
2. Granite Rocks, 'Namma-Holes' and 'Soaks'
3. A Fresh Start
4. A Camel Fight
5. Gold at Lake Darlot
6. Alone in the Bush
7. Sale of Mine

Part 4. Mining
1. Quartz Reefing and Dry-Blowing

Part 5. The Outward Journey
1. Previous Explorers in the Interior of Western Australia
2. Members and Equipment of Expedition
3. The Journey Begins
4. We Enter the Desert
5. Water at Last
6. Woodhouse Lagoon
7. The Great Undulating Desert of Gravel
8. A Desert Tribe
9. Dr Leichardt's Lost Expedition
10. From the Desert of Parallel Sand-Ridges
11. From Family Well to Helena Spring
12. Helena Spring
13. From Helena Spring to the Southesk Tablelands
14. Death of Stansmore
15. Wells Exploring Expedition
16. Kimberley
17. Aboriginals at Hall's Creek
18. Preparations for the Return Journey
Appendix to Part 5 

Part 6. The Journey Home
1. Return Journey Begins
2. Sturt Creek and 'Gregory's Salt Sea'
3. Our Camp on the 'Salt Sea'
4. Desert Once More
5. Stansmore Range to Lake MacDonald
6. Lake MacDonald to the Deep Rock-Holes
7. The Last of the Ridges of Drift Sand
8. Woodhouse Lagoon Revisited
9. Across Lake Wells to Lake Darlot
10. The End of the Expedition



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Spinifex and Sand

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