Queensland School Pupils Index Part 2

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: Queensland Family History Society
Year: 2004
ISBN: 1876613947
Publisher: Queensland Family History Society

This second CD consisting of Queensland School Pupils consolidates into a single index microfiche Volumes 6 to 10 of the Queensland Family History Society continuing QSPI project, indexing admissions and other school records in Queensland. QSPI Part 2 indexes approximately 320,000 names drawn from 200+ Queensland schools.

Sources from which the names are drawn are diverse – actual school admission registers, school histories covering a significant anniversary (Jubilee, Golden, Centenary) in the life of a school, an local histories which don't focus on the school, but include pupil list as part of their story.

Many sources provide additional information on the family including age at admission, birth date, parent's name and occupation, religion, address –all very useful to a genealogist and family historian. School records are a source that we cannot afford to overlook!

The schools covered on this CD are:
Alberton PS & SS, Aramac SS, Ascot One-Teacher School, Ascot SS (first day), Aspley SS, Atherton SS, Babinda (St Ritas), Bald Hills SS, Barrine SS, Barron Crossing Half time PS, Bartle Frere SS, Beenleigh SS, Beerwah SS, Bell’s Bridge School, Bellenden Ker PS&SS, Bellmere SS, Benarby SS, Bergen PS&SS, Biloela St Josephs, Blantyre SS, Boonah Rural School, Boonah SS, Boondall SS, Boondilla PS, Bororen SS, Brandon PS&SS, Brisbane Grammar School, Brymaroo PS & SS, Bucca SS, Bunya SS, Burnett Creek PS&SS, Burua SS, Calico Creek SS, Calliope Station SS, Cambooya SS, Canal SS, Capella SS, Carmyle PS&SS, Catfish Scrub SS, Charleville SS, Chermside SS, Chinchilla SS, Clayfield College, Cleveland SS (1868 only), Condamine Plains PS, Coolabunia PS&SS, Coolabunia West PS, Corella SS, Corinda St Josephs, Cottonvale SS, Curra SS, Deborah SS, Devon Park PS & SS, Dingo SS, Djuan SS, East Ayr SS, East Prairie PS (1880 only), Eel Creek PS, Eimeo Road SS, Elbow Valley PS&SS, Erin Hill SS, Fairyland West PS, Figton SS, Formartin SS, Freestone Creek Upper SS, Freestone SS, Gadgarra SS, Gayndah SS, Giligul SS, Glamorgan Vale SS, Glastonbury PS&SS, Glen Aplin SS, Glen Loch SS, Gootchie PS&SS, Green Ridge SS, Greendale PS&SS, Greenslopes SS, Guluguba SS, Gundiah SS, Gurulmundi PS&SS, Halifax SS, Hatton Vale SS, Hollywell PS, Ingham SS, Iveragh SS, John Paul College (Daisy Hill), Jondaryan SS, Kairi SS, Karara SS, Kerry PS&SS, Kleinton SS, Kulara SS, Kybong SS, Lagoon Creek PS & SS, Lagoon Pocket PS&SS, Lake Barrine SS, Lake Euramoo SS, Langley Flat School, Langshaw SS, Lark Hill SS, Leyburn SS, Loch Lomond PS&SS, Longreach SS, Lord John Swamp PS, Lucinda SS, Mahrigong SS, Many Peaks Railway Construction Camp PS, Marburg Rural School, Meadowvale SS, Middle Ridge SS, Mitchell SS, Monkland SS, Mooloo PS&SS, Moorang PS&SS, Moorlands SS, Moorooka SS (1929 only), Morningside SS (1926 only), Morven SS, Mothar Mountain SS, Motley SS, Mt Marrow PS&SS, Mt Urah SS, Murray’s Bridge SS, Nagoorin SS, Nashville SHS, Newmarket SS, Nindooinbah SS, Norman Park SS, Nudgee Beach PS, Nudley School, O’Mara’s Bridge SS, Oakey Creek Mixed School, Oakwood SS, Peek-A-Doo SS, Pelican SS, Petrie SS, Pie Creek SS, Pomona SS, Prairie SS, Prenzlau SS, Pullenvale SS, Punches Creek PS, Quamby SS, Railway Camp PS, Ravenswood SS, Redbank SS, Ripley SS, Rockhampton Grammar, Rodgers Creek SS, Sacred Heart (Sandgate), Salisbury SS, Sandy Creek SS, Scrubby Creek PS&SS, Selene SS, Sherwood SS, Somerville House High School for Girls, Splinter Creek Bridge SS, St Peters Lutheran College (Indooroopilly), Stafford SS, Surat SS, Tamaree SS, Tandur SS, Taromeo Soldier Settlement, Tate Tin Mines SS, Tennyson SS, Thompson Estate PS&SS, Thorndale PS, Thulumbah PS, Tinaroo Falls SS, Toowoomba East SS (1887 only), Torbanlea SS, Traveston SS, Turkey Road, Viewfield SS, Wandoan Secondary Department, Wandoan SS, Warawee SS, Waringle SS, Warwick East SS, West Prairie SS, Wheatvale PS, Wildash SS, Wilson Hospital School, Wilson Ophthalmic Hostel School, Wilson’s Pocket SS, Wilston SS, Wilston SS, Winton (Private) School, Winton SHS, Winton SS, Withcott SS, Witheren SS, Wivenhoe SS, Wolfram SS, Womalilla PS & SS, Woocoo SS, Wooderson SS, Woodleighton SS, Woodridge PS&SS, Woodview PS & SS, Woombye SS, Woopen Creek SS, Wyreema SS, Yandilla PS, Yeronga Infants SS, Yelarbon SS, Yungaburra SS

The index can be directly searched on name, school and year with QFHSdatasearch version 1.6 which is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases and developed by the Queensland Family History Society Inc.

Pentium or compatible processor
Windows 95 or later
128MB RAM (minimum)
10MB free disk space (83MB if installed in your hard drive)

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Queensland School Pupils Index Part 2

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