Queensland School Pupils Index Part 4

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: Queensland Family History Society
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9781921171147
Publisher: Queensland Family History Society

This CD index to Queensland School Pupils is the fourth from the QFHS continuing QSPI project, indexing admissions and other school records in Queensland, and can be directly searched on name, school and year with QFHSdatasearch. The information has not been previously published and will not be available on microfiche.

QSPI Part 4 indexes over 390,000 names drawn from 331 Queensland schools. It and the earlier QSPI CDs together cover almost 1,300,000 names from over 900 schools. Dates for this CD range from 1870 with a 30 year closure, as recommended by Education Queensland, when names were extracted directly from Admission Registers. Schools range from large city ones with admissions in the thousands to country one-teacher schools with a total enrolment of hundreds. Some schools have long ceased to exist; others are still functioning.

Sources from which the names are drawn are diverse - actual school admission registers, school histories covering a significant anniversary (Jubilee, Golden, Centenary) in the life of a school, and local histories which don’t focus on the school but include a pupil list as part of their story. Many sources provide additional information on the family including age at admission, birth date, parent’s name and occupation, religion, address. Schools are a source we cannot afford to overlook!

QFHSdatasearch is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases and developed by the Queensland Family History Society Inc. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting and wildcard searches.

The schools included on this CD are:
Abercorn SS, Aberfeldie SS, Abergowrie SS, Acland SS, Albany Creek SS, Albionville P&SS, Alexandra Hills SS, Aloomba PS, Aloomba SS, Amamoor SS, Amhurst SS, Amiens P&SS, Andergrove SS, Anyarro PS, Austinville SS, Avondale P&SS, Avondale PreS, Bambaroo SS, Bancroft P&SS, Banyan PS, Bapaume PS, Bapaume SS, Baralaba P&SS, Baralaba SS, Bargara SS, Beatrice Creek SS, Bemersyde PS, Berat SS, Bogandilla PS, Bollier P&SS, Bombeeta SS, Bona Vista P&SS, Bondoola SS, Boney Creek PS, Bonogin Creek SS, Bony Mountain P&SS, Booinbah SS, Boomerang PS, Boompa SS, Boonara SS, Boondilla PS, Boondooma P&SS, Boonooroo P&SS, Booroom SS, Borumba Dam SS, Boxley PS, Bracalba SS, Braeside SS, Branch View SS, Bravenia SS, Brigalow Creek SS, Brigalow Park SS, Bringalily Sth P&SS, Bringalily SS, Brooyar P&SS, Brown's Creek SS, Bucca SS, Budgee SS, Bukali SS, Burra Burri SS, Cannon Creek P&SS, Cecil Plains SS, Charters Towers, Blackheath College, Thornburgh College, Chilverton SS, Clonmel SS, Clontarf (Millmeran) SS, Coalstoun Lakes SS, Conondale P&SS, Cooloolabin P&SS, Coondoo SS, Coongoola P&SS, Cooran P&SS, Cooyar East SS, Coreen SS, Corndale SS, Crohamhurst SS, Croydon SS, Daintree P&SS, Dallarnil P&SS, Danderoo SS, Darr Creek SS, Delaney's Ck P&SS, Deuchar SS, Devereaux Creek SS, Devon Park SS, Diamond Field SS, Diamond Valley SS, Diddillibah PS, Downlands, Tba, Dows Creek P&SS, Drayton SS, Drillham P&SS, Dulacca North SS, Dulacca South SS, Dulacca SS, Dundowran P&SS, Dundula SS, Dunmora Central SS, East Palmerston SS, Elgin Vale P&SS, Elliott Heads SS, Emu Creek SS, Emu Park SS, Emu Vale P&SS, Engelsburg SS, Eton Vale P&SS, Eudlo P&SS, Evelyn Scrub P&SS, Evergreen P&SS, Fairhill P&SS, Fairy Meadow Rd SS, Faraday SS, Farnborough P&SS, Feluga P&SS, Finch Hatton SS, Flaggy Rock Ck SS, Forest Station SS, Forrest Beach SS, Frenchville SS, Gallangowan SS, Gargett SS, Gladstone Central SS, Gladstone South SS, Glenaubyn SS, Glengallan SS, Glenview SS, Glenwood P&SS, Goomburra SS, G'burra Township P&SS, Gorge SS, Gowrie SS, Graceville SS, Grandchester SS, Grantham P&SS, Greenslopes SS, Harlaxton SS, Harristown SS, Hartley PS, Hartley SS, Haslemere SS, Hendon SS, Hidden Vale SS, Highfields SS, Hivesville SS, Hodgsons Vale P&SS, Homebush SS, Horse Shoe Bend SS, Ilkley P&SS, Imbil SS, Inverramsay SS, Invicta PS, Invicta SS, Isisford SS, Jones Hill SS, Kalamia SS, Kalpowar SS, Kenilworth SS, Kenilworth SS, Kenmore South SS, Kennedy SS, Kentville SS, Kiamba SS, Kiel's Mountain SS, King's Creek SS, Kogan P&SS, Kolan North SS, Kolonga PS, Lake Clarendon SS, Lamington SS, Landsborough SS, Lavelle PS, Lavelle SS, Lochington P&SS, Lockrose P&SS, Lota SS, Marlborough PS, Marlborough SS, Marlborough PreS, Maroochy River SS, Mellum Creek PS, Memerambi P&SS, Mia Mia P&SS, Midgenoo SS, Millbank SS, Millingwood PS, Millwood PS, Miriwinni P&SS, Mondure SS, Mons SS, Monto SS, Moola P&SS, Mooloolaba P&SS, Moorland SS, Mossman SS, Mossman SS, Mt Pleasant Banana Settlement SS, Mount Tarampa P&SS, Mt Chalmers SS, Mt Colliery SS, Mt Dalrymple P&SS, Mt Delaney SS, Mt Emlyn PS, Mt Gipps SS, Mt Larcom SS, Mt Larcom SS, Mt Martin P&SS, Mt Molloy P&SS, Mt Mort SS, Mudgeeraba SS, Mudgeeraba Upper P&SS, Mudgeraba Lower PS, Mungallala P&SS, Murray R Upper P&SS, Mutdapilly SS, Nangwee P&SS, Narpi SS, Nebo P&SS, Neranwood PS, Netherdale SS, New Cannindah SS, Normanton SS, North Kogan SS, Oakleigh SS, Ocean View SS, Ogmore SS, Oonoonba SS, Owanyilla SS, Owens Creek P&SS, Pampas SS, Park Avenue SS, Parramatta SS, Peachester P&SS, Peak Crossing SS, Pilton SS, Pomona SS, Poona SS, Port Curtis Road SS, Preston SS, Preston's P&SS, Proston SS, Quinalow P&SS, Quinalow SecS, Quinalow PreS, Raglan SS, Rainworth SS, Ramsay SS, Rathdowney SS, Ravenshoe P&SS, Ridgelands SS, Riverside SS, Rockhampton SHS, Rocky Dam PS, Rocky Point SS, Rolleston SS, Rubyvale P&SS, Sandgate District SHS, Sandiford P&SS, Sapphire SS, Scottville P&SS, 72 Mile Camp P&SS, Severnlea SS, Seville Road SS, 66 Mile Camp PS, Stratvell SS, Stuart SS, Styx Coal Mine P&SS, Styx River PS, Styx River SS, Sunbury SS, Tannymorel SS, Tarampa P&SS, Teebar East PS, Teebar West P&SS, Tegege PS, Tent Hill Lower SS, Tent Hill Upper SS, Terror's Creek PS, Thallon SS, The Caves P&SS, The Summit SS, Theebine SS, Thulimbah SS, Thulimbah PreS, Tinana Creek PS, Tinana SS, Tinbeerwah P&SS, Tingalpa SS, Tingoora P&SS, Tipton SS, Tivoli SS, Top Camp P&SS, Torquay P&SS, Torrens Creek P&SS, Townsville GS, Tumoulin P&SS, Tylerville SS, Ulimaroa PS, Upper Emu Creek PS, Upper North Pine SS, Ventnor SS, Victoria Pk Infants SS, Victoria Park SS, Vine Creek SS, Walkerston SS, Wallangarra P&SS, Warra P&SS, Warra PreS, Washpool SS, Weir SS, Wellcamp P&SS, West Haldon P&SS, West Hill P&SS, Westwood SS, Widgee P&SS, Winfield SS, Witta SS, Woodhill SS, Woolooga SS, Woombye PreS, Wooroolin P&SS, Wooroolin West P&SS, Yandaran Creek P&SS, Yandina Creek P&SS, Yandina P&SS, Yandina PreS, Yarraman P10 PrimS, Yarraman P10 SecS, Yarraman P10 PreS, Yarraman Upper SS, Yuruga SS

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Queensland School Pupils Index Part 4

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