More Lonely Graves of Western Australia

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 540 pages
Author: Y. Coate & K. Coate
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0859052761
Other: b&w photos, map, appendixes, indexes
Publisher: Hesperian Press

This is packed with details of bush burials. Those who died lonely deaths by spear, thirst, disease, drowning, murder and suicide from the earliest days of the colony to recent times. This does not replace 'Lonely Graves of Western Australia' published in 1984, but has at least three times the content, mostly new data. It is in alphabetical order, and has appendixes on unidentified lonely graves, supplementary records, and medical terms. And indexes for surname cross-reference, ships and place names.

This book is the culmination of some twenty years of research and is an indispensable reference for historians and genealogists.

Introduction by Yvonne Coate
Guide to Use of this Book
Western Australian Maps: Local Government Districts
Alphabetical Listing of Lonely Graves
Appendix 1: Unidentified Lonely Graves
Appendix 2: Supplementary Records Received After Main Text Completed
Appendix 3: Medical Terms Explained by Frank Johnson
Index of Associated Person Other Than Family
Index of Names Vessels
Index of Place Names

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More Lonely Graves of Western Australia


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