Western Australia's Tempestuous History

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 3 vols, 158 pages
Author: J. Nairn
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0859050882
Other: 3 vols, sketches, indexes
Publisher: Hesperian Press

These volumes begin with the earliest recorded history of the arrival of white men on Western Australian shores. They were the survivors from shipwrecks who became unwilling emigrants. Seamen, mutineers, pirates and settlers all landed on the South Land's inhospitable shores where spear-throwing natives fought the invader.

Here, in short-story form, is a comprehensive, highly interesting and readable history through the Federalism, covering the exploration and the development of Western Australia--a third of the continent.

Approved by the W.A. Curriculum Branch of the Education Departments for high school students, these volume are also recommended as a general Western Australian historical reference.

A highly interesting narrative for readers of all ages who wish to look deeply in to Western Australia's camptivating, tempestuous history.

Incidents of Western Australian history are brought to life in the immensely popular series from the Sunday Times and illustrated by well known artist Frank Pash.

Volume 1
1. The Useless South Land
2. Truly a Treasure Trove
3. Rats' Nest Island
4. Dampier's Early Voyages
5. The Voyage of the Roebuck
6. Foundations of Albany
7. Blood on the Settlement
8. Blood Flows for Flour
9. The Battle of Pinjarra
10. Grey's Ill-fated Journey
11. Reject Defeated the Desert
12. The Settlers Spread Out
13. The Miracle of New Norcia
14. The First Convicts Arrive
15. Mother of the Nor' West
16. The Saga of Moondyne Joe
17. A Superman Called Peter
18. Where Strange Paths Unite
19. Foundations of Rottnest
20. Last of the Convicts
21. River of Dreams
22. Ernest Giles
23. Engineered by Whom?
24. Battle of Ularring
25. Rewards of an Explorer
26. Kimberley's Luxuriant Lands
27. Cinderella Goes to the Ball
28. Gold Lies Aglittering
29. Bayley and Ford
30. America Claims Western Australia's Islands
31. The Perils of Pearling
32. Hannan - The Little Battler

Volume 2
1. Whaling
2. Fiascos of Camden Harbour
3. Hunt's Old York Road
4. The Hunt for Hunt's Gold
5. Crossland's Southern Cross
6. Alexander Forrest
7. Alexander Forrest--Father of the Kimberley
8. A. Forrest, Financier
9. A. Forrest--Death Blows
10. The Plundonderry
11. False Claims Raise Paper Gold
12. McCann's 'Gold Rush'
13. Birth of the Coalfields
14. Charles Yelverton O'Connor
15. Desperate Need for Water
16. Discrediting a Great man
17. '... Rivers in the Desert'
18. Forrest Fights Federalism
19. The Calvert Expedition
20. The Rabbit Menace
21. David Wynford Carnegie
22. Into Unknown Wilderness
23. Gold at Niagara
24. Gold at Lake Darlot
25. Gold Traded for Adventure
26. A Myth Called Alexander Spring
27. Trackless Feather Feet
28. A Haven Called Helena
29. Death of Stansmore
30. Well of the Dwarf
31. Bizarre Native Camps
32. Carnegie's Departure

Volume 3
1. Tempestuous Years of Sail
2. Hard People for Harsh Voyages
3. Bon Voyage in 1853
4. Twenty-Five Days Out
5. Forty-Nine Days Out
6. Now for Australia
7. A Boy Called Walter
8. Apprenticeship to Survival
9. Life and Times of Teenage Walter
10. Walter Finds his Niche
11. The Levy-and-Peel Combine
12. The Peel Settlement Disaster
13. Disaster Follows Disaster
14. Settlement Schemes Cancelled
15. Failure of Australind
16. Penal Settlement
17. Race for the Pilbara
18. Padbury's Pilbara
19. Overland to the De Grey
20. Trails of North-West Settlement
21. Padbury--Shipping Magnate
22. Padbury's Empire Expands
23. The Merciless Sea
24. An Overlander Called Roberts
25. Every Voyage a Race
26. Saga of the Georgette
27. Mail Service
28. Ordeals of Telegraphy
29. Birth of the Telephone
30. Bayley's and Ford's Gold?
31. Rabbit-Proof Fences
32. The Canning Royal Commission

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Western Australia's Tempestuous History

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