Kimberley Scenes: Sagas of Australia's Last Frontier

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 312 pages
Author: C. Clement & P. Bridge
Year: 1991
ISBN: 0859051455
Other: illus
Publisher: Hesperian Press

The Introduction of this book begins: 'Although the items in this anthology are all self-sufficient, the following notes will be helpful to readers who wish to view this material in a boarder context. They are limited to the era covered by this book and show how the items fit into the history of the Kimberley. They also show how European immigration cut across the traditional life of the district's Aborigines.

In the Kimberley, European settlement came about as an extension of earlier occupations of the Northern Territory and Western Australia's Pilbra district. Continuous Kimberley settlement dates only from 1879. This date is a starting point only, and applied to the Beagle Bay area. Other localities were first occupied by Europeans as last as the 1920s. The Kimberley is thus one part of Australia in which co-existence of Aborigines and immigrants is only a relatively new phenomenon.

List of Illustrations
The Editors
August Lucanus (1848-1941): Goldfields of the North by A. Lucanus
Philip Saunders (1841-1931): Exploration by P. Saunders
Edward Townley Hardman (1845-1887): Kimberley Sketches by E.T. Hardman
Donald Swan (1867-1948): Kimberley Scenes by D. Swan
Patrick Mantinea Durack (1851-1933): Pioneering the East Kimberleys by P.M. Durack
John Collins (1858-1905): Letter to John Macpherson from John Collins
Paddy the Flat by Runi
Robert Tennant Stow Wolfe (1858-1937): Rough Diary or Scribbling Journal of  R.T.S. Wolfe
The Secret of the Red Lily by Tabi Tuan
Digging Anecdotes from 'The West Australian' Correspondent
Disappointed Miners in Kimberley Rush
Charles Danvers Price (1847-1934): Report Upon the Kimberley Goldfield, by the Warden
William Edward Routledge (1862-1937): Golden Days by W.E. Routledge
Anthony Glindon Layman (1862-1936): Letters from Glin Layman to those at Wonnerup House
From Dead Finish to Kimberley by Paddy the Flat
Arthur Slade Forbes (1866-1926): Kimberley Sketches by A.S. Forbes
Kimberley Song and Verse

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Kimberley Scenes: Sagas of Australia's Last Frontier


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