Australia's Last Convicts: Reprobates, Rogues and Recidivists

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 86 pages
Author: L. Clarke & C. Strickland
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780646967417
Other: b&w & colour photos. index
Publisher: Friends of the Battye Library

Are these prison photographs the final images of Australia's last convicts?

Western Australia was the last of the Australian colonies to receive transported convicts, with the last cohort arriving in Fremantle on the Hougoumont on 9 January 1868. In recent times there has been considerable research into the lives and fate of many of the Convicts transported to West Australia.

Swan Genealogy has identified 74 photographs of West Australian Convicts found in the 19th Century Convict Register (Cons 1156/R23), Fremantle Prison Registers (Cons 4173), and surviving Fremantle Prisoner photographs (Cons 4286) held at the State Records Office of Western Australia.

This publication contains these photographs and information contained within these volumes.

Anderson, George
Bailey, Charles
Benbow, Thomas, alias Navan
Brockington, Henry, alias Whild
Brown, William, alias Calcraft, alias Bowen, John Hartley
Burnsides, William, alias Burnside
Byrne, Patrick
Calvert, Christopher
Carlton, Thomas, alias Rogers, alias Anson, Alfred
Caseley, Thomas, alias Casely, alias Caisely
Cassidy, William
Chopin, William
Clements, Isaac, alias Goldfinch, George
Clifford, Charles
Copeland, Charles, alias Thomas Charles
Davis, Lewis
Dryden, Richard, alias Dreaden
Elcomb, Thomas, alias Foreman, John, alias Gossip, William
Essex, William
Fallon, Francis, alias Fallow, Frank
Feeney, William
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, George
Grant, George
Griffiths, John, alias Griffith
Hart, John, alias Tommy
Henry, James, alias Johnson
Hill, Alfred
Hoban, Thomas
Hunter, Robert
Jackson, John, alias Mark
Jackson, Robert
James, William, alias Janes, alias Jaynes, alias Walsh, John, alias Moroney, James
Johns, Thomas, alias Taffey
Johnson, Daniel
Jones, James, alias Tony
King, George, alias Murphy, Edward, alias Millett, George
Larmour, William
Longstaff, Benjamin
Maley, William, alias Marshall, John
Mather, John
McCarthy, Michael
McDonald, James, alias John
McMillan, James, alias McMullan, alias McMullin
Nolan, Edward, alias Chadwick, Thomas
O'Brien, Michael
Pacey, John, alias Edwards, alias Ward, Henry
Reade, James, alias Read
Rhodes, Gilfred, alias Gilfreud, alias Guildford
Riley, Edward, alias Edwin
Roberts, George
Ryan, Thomas
Scarrah, William, alias Scarrah, alias Softie
Shaw, James
Simmonds, John, alias Symmond, alias, Perkins, William, alias Scandalous Jack
Skelly, William, alias Kelly
Smith, Robert
Smith, Thomas
Stubbs, John
Stubbs, Joseph, alias Stubbs, George
Summers, Thomas
Taylor, William, alias Yorkie
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Robert, alias Thomson
Venn, John Henry, alias Vaughan, alias Burt, Henry
Vigo, Peter, alias Vigoe, alias M'Veagh, Henry
Wardle, Thomas, alias, Swain, alias Ward
Williams, David
Williams, Thomas, alias Jack
Williamson, John
Williamson, Robert
Woods, James

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Australia's Last Convicts: Reprobates, Rogues and Recidivists

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