A Dictionary of Family History: The Genealogists' ABC

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Dictionary of Family History

Media: BOOK - paperback, 256 pages
Author: J. Scott
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781473892521
Publisher: Pen & Sword

Part encyclopedia, part dictionary, part almanac - Jonathan Scott's "A Dictionary of Family History" doesn't claim to be exhaustive, but it is practical, easy to use, entertaining and genuinely informative. It is the kind of book you can dip into or use as a starting point for deeper study, and it is the essential companion for experienced family historians and for anyone who is approaching this fascinating subject for the first time.

Inside are thousands of A-to-Z entries, full of intriguing facts. There are definitions, timelines and terminologies, details of archives and websites as well as advice on research methods and explanations of genealogical peculiarities and puzzles that would test the knowledge of even veteran researchers. Longer entries explaining the mechanics of the first census and other major sources and records rub shoulders with simple one-line definitions of obscure terms, useful addresses and signposts to little-known but rewarding corners of family, local and social history.

This concise, clear and wide-ranging compendium of helpful, sometimes surprising information is a valuable reference tool for everyone in the field.

Please note: this is a UK published title, so many entries and addresses relate to UK records and places. 

A-Z Dictionary

2 Reviews
  • Family History Dictionary

    Posted by Cheryl Balfour on 21st Jan 2019

    Have only had a quick look through this book, but will use it often with family history research. An essential book for any family history library.

  • A Gold Mine for Family Historians

    Posted by Ross Hansen on 1st Dec 2018

    I hesitated at buying this book. The Description warns that it is UK-published so many entries and addresses relate to UK. While this is true, it also has entries for major countries of the former British Empire including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and South Africa. In addition to clear explanations of historical and genealogical terminology, the author provides a myriad of web addresses and books for further reading for additional information on his many topics. Jonathan states in his Preface to the book that if he found something interesting or useful, hopefully others might too. His book is a real "gold mine" and my copy is likely to be well worn within a short period of time.

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A Dictionary of Family History: The Genealogists' ABC

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