A Claverhouse Sourcebook: A Collection of Materials Relating to John Graham of Claverhouse Viscount of Dundee

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John Graham of Claverhouse first and foremost claimed to be a military commander, a loyal soldier who accepted and carried out orders without overall concern for religious or political ideology. He served for decades on the continent, where he trained as a soldier of fortune, and he was respected both by King Charles II and his brother King James VII, and by Prince William of Orange. He was employed to maintain order in portions of Scotland committed to Covenanter or Presbyterian religious beliefs, and he was charged, often without proof, of atrocities against those Covenanters in the period after 1660 and the Restoration of King Charles II.

But it was his activities after 1688, when King James VII was forced out of Britain, that made his reputation. He joined the Royalists after 1688 in the Highlands of Scotland and led the fight against General Mackay, sent north by King William. At Killiecrankie he was victorious in battle but lost his life; the movement collapsed without him.

Here we offer four works relating to Viscount Dundee:

  1.  John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount of Dundee, 1648-1689, by Charles Sanford Terry. Originally published 1905. 392 pages. This biography of Graham of Claverhouse was written by one of the leading historians of the Jacobite movement, and even after a century it retains its place as a major work on this important and highly controversial figure.
  2. Memoirs of the Lord Viscount Dundee, and the Highland Clans, &c. Together with an Account of the Massacre of Glenco. Originally published 1818. 116 pages. This is a classic and invaluable account of the role of Dundee after 1688 in the struggle to hold Scotland for the Stewarts.
  3. "Claverhouse's Last Letter," by Michael Barrington. 13 pages. This article presents a rigorous examination of Claverhouse's last letter, written at the time of the battle of Killiecrankie, and relating to Jacobite activity in Scotland.
  4. "Two Ballads on Viscount Dundee," by C. H. Firth.

This CD consists of scans of the whole of the original articles, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

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A Claverhouse Sourcebook: A Collection of Materials Relating to John Graham of Claverhouse Viscount of Dundee

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