A Highland History Sourcebook: A Collection of Materials Relating to the History of the Highlands - EBOOK

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Year: various (2024)
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For those with an interest in the Scottish Highlands, here's one for you. This contains five separate books relating to the history of the Highlands of Scotland:

  1. The Feuds of the Clans: Highland Families in Conflict, 1301-1619. By Alexander MacGregor. First published in 1764, Feuds is a clan-by-clan, glen-by-glen recounting of the conflicts which so characterize the great age of the Highland clans.
  2. A History of the Highlands, 1746-1822. By Bernard Kelly. The years after the battle of Culloden Moor were difficult ones indeed for the Highlands and Islands. This is a history of the changes which took place, of the people whom they affected, and of the age-old customs which they destroyed.
  3. The Household of the Great Highland Chiefs. This booklet provides a list, with descriptions, of the principal officers, servants, or attendants in the households of the great Highland chiefs, primarily in the 15th-17th centuries.
  4. The Manners, Customs and History of the Highlanders of Scotland. By Sir Walter Scott. Scott surveyed the Highlands at a time when the old way of life was rapidly disappearing. His history tells of a world gone by but still within living memory.
  5. Notes by a Highland Chief in 1784. In 1784, Sir Æneas Mackintosh of Mackintosh had just returned home to Moy after a stint in the army in America, and over a period of 7 weeks, he made notes about his estates in Lochaber.

Scanned images of the whole of the original book, bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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A Highland History Sourcebook: A Collection of Materials Relating to the History of the Highlands - EBOOK

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