Victorian Convicts: 100 Criminal Lives

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 224 pages
Author: H. Johnston, B. Godfrey & D. Cox
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781473823730
Other: b&w photos, sketches, bibliog
Publisher: Pen & Sword

This book takes a look at the criminal lives of 100 Victorian convicts based on the official records of the police, court and prison authorities.

What was life like in the Victorian underworld – who were the criminals, what crimes did they commit, how did they come to a criminal career, and what happened to them after they were released from prison? Victorian Convicts, by telling the stories of a hundred criminal men and women, gives the reader an insight into their families and social background, the conditions in which they lived, their relationships and working lives, and their offences. They reveal how these individuals were treated by the justice and penal system of 150 years ago, and how they were regarded by the wider world around them. Such a rare and authentic insight into life in and out of prison will be fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in the history of crime and criminals, in legal and prison history and in British society in the nineteenth century.

Detailing the criminal lives of men and women who came from all walks of life, the range of crimes committed vary from murder and arson, to using counterfeit money, and receiving stolen goods, as well as everything in between. Each biography is about 2 pages in length, with some even including a photograph.

Introduction to the Convict Prison System
The Convict Licensing System
1. Samuel Ainge
2. Samuel Algar
3. Moses Annetts
4. Julia Ashton
5. John Baines
6. Thomas Batty
7. William Beckwith
8. Joshua Bentley
9. Lucy Bernard
10. Thomas Bill
11. Emily Bishop
12. Louisa Bishop
13. Mary Brannan
14. George Brasher
15. Emily Brennan
16. Lucy Brent
17. Lovick Ansted Brown
18. Maria Cain
19. Martha Carter
20. Anthony Castor
21. Ann Coyne
22. Anne Cruise
23. Harriet Curtis
24. Elizabeth Dillon
25. Julia Donovan
26. Margaret Donovan
27. Mary Ann Dougherty
28. Thomas Douglas
29. Catherine Doyle
30. William Dunnage
31. William Edward Eicke
32. Dryden Elstop
33. Jane Field
34. Margaret Fitzmorris
35. John Fletcher
36. Isabella Fraser
37. Caroline Goode
38. Ann Gorst
39. William Goss
40. Moses Gould
41. Mary Grealey
42. Margaret Grey
43. Ann Griffiths
44. Mary Griffiths
45. Francis J. Hammond
46. Joseph Hazell
47. Mary Ann Hebden
48. Martha Hedger
49. Sarah Jane Howlett
50. Mary Howley
51. Elizabeth Hyde
52. Julia Hyland
53. Eliza Ingamells
54. Thorborg Ireland
55. Sarah Jemmison
56. Edith Jennings
57. Mary Ann Johnson
58. Elizabeth Jones
59. Mary Jones
60. Bridget Kelly
61. Catherine Kendall
62. Robert Kidd
63. Catherine Lindsay
64. Lucy Lowe
65. William MacAdam
66. Rhodes Marriott
67. John McSally
68. William James Milson
69. John Minto
70. Julia Murray
71. Mary Ann Murray
72. Sarah Newbold
73. Bridget O'Donnell
74. Fanny Oliver
75. Mary Ann Pearson
76. George Pobjoy
77. Jane Potts
78. Annie Price
79. Joseph Quarmby
80. William Quickfall
81. George Renyard
82. Alfred Rhodes
83. Mary Ann Roberts
84. Archibald Ross
85. Alice Ann Rowlands
86. Esther Sanston
87. Peter Simpson
88. Bridget Smith
89. Mary Smith
90. Sarah Jane Smith
91. Enoch Swift
92. Elizabeth Tankard
93. Ellen Terrell
94. Edward Vidler
95. George Warwick
96. Ellen Whaling
97. George Whitehood
98. Elizabeth Williams
99. James Woodhouse
100. Mary Wright
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Victorian Convicts: 100 Criminal Lives

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