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Media: EBOOK - download
File Format: PDF, 6MB (52 pages)
Author: S. Hicks
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781925781892
Other: 3rd ed., b&w & colour photos, glossary, index
Publisher: Unlock the Past

Since the first edition of 'Trove: Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia', Trove has grown exponentially. We can now not only search the collections of the National library, but also other libraries, archives, museums and research institutions.

As a regular presenter at genealogy expos and seminars author Shauna Hicks says she's constantly surprised by the number of people who don't know or are not aware of, all the genealogy resources available on the National Library of Australia website. Trove is only one of a number of resources available for research and this guide looks at other services including eResources.

While people may be aware of Trove, some are not aware of how to effectively use the various filters to narrow down their searches to maximum advantage. Features such as comments, lists, tagging or correcting text are other areas that many have not yet explored and there are always a few who put up their hand to say they have not got an eResources card.

There are other features such as Ask a Librarian and citation options that Shauna finds extremely useful, but understands that not everyone knows about these options. And in essence this guide is her way of showing you, and sharing her knowledge about the wide variety of tools available on Trove, and how to make the most of them.

Introduction to the third edition
What is Trove?
- Membership of Trove
- Why Login?
NLA - more than just Trove?
- The NLA Library Catalogue
- How to videos
- Ask a librarian
- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
- Research guides
- Ordering copies and interlibrary loans
- eResources
Trove and its various zones
- Searching tips
- Newspapers & Gazettes
- Magazines & Newsletters
- Images, Maps & Artefacts
- Research & Reports
- Books & Libraries
- Diaries, Letters & Archives
- Music, Audie & Video
- People & Organisations
- Websites
- Lists
Australian Joint Copying Project
Personal examples
- Searching
- But I can't find my person!
Social media
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Flickr
- YouTube
- SoundCloud
- NLA blogs, podcasts & videos

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3 Reviews
  • Trove - Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia

    Posted by Margaret Keen on 5th Aug 2023

    This is an excellent introduction to the Trove Records for Family Historians. I especially liked the 'How to Videos". I would thoroughly recommend this book

  • Trove EBOOK

    Posted by Bob Dodd on 15th Dec 2022

    Very useful, explained uses that I was not aware of.

  • Hicks Shauna, TROVE Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia, 3rd edition, An Unlock the Past guide book,

    Posted by Nan Bosler on 13th Nov 2021

    Trove is an incredible resource for anyone researching their family history in Australia and this third edition has been written to address the expansion and major changes made in 2020 to Trove. Trove is a national discovery service managed by the National Library of Australia. The first section of this book details some of the range of services provided by NLA.
    Even though I have used Trove for many years I felt as if Shauna Hicks was sitting with me and explaining just how much value there still was for me to discover in Trove. The personal examples she gave were both encouraging and enthusing. Thank you Shauna.

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Trove: Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia - EBOOK

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