Tracing Your Manchester and Salford Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 224 pages
Author: S. Wilkes
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781473856356
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendixes, indexes
Publisher: Pen & Sword

For readers with family ties to Manchester and Salford, and researchers delving into the rich history of these cities, this informative, accessible guide will be essential reading and a fascinating source of reference.

Sue Wilkes outlines the social and family history of the region in a series of concise chapters. She discusses the origins of its religious and civic institution, transport systems and major industries. Important local firms and families are used to illustrate aspects of local heritage, and each section directs the reader towards appropriate resources for their research. 

No previous knowledge of genealogy is assumed, and in-depth reading on particular topics is recommended. The focus is on records relating to Manchester and Salford including current districts and townships, and sources for religious and ethnic minorities are covered. A directory of relevant archives, libraries, databases, societies and websites is a key features of this practical book.

1. Begin Exploring the Past
 - Two Cities - Shared Histories
 - How to Use this Book
 - Archives, Libraries and Repositories
 - Reference Works
 - Newspapers in Libraries and Online
 - Family History, Heritage and Local Societies
 - Genealogy Suppliers
 - Maps and Plans
 - District Memories
 - Further Reading
2. Family History Basics
 - Civil Registration
 - Anglican Parish Registers
 - The Parish of Manchester
 - Nonconformists, Roman Catholics and Other Faiths
 - Wills and Probate Before 1858
 - Wills and Probate After 1858
 - Divorce Records
 - Further Reading
3. The Transport Revolution
 - Turnpike Trusts and Highways
 - Canals
 - Canal Archives and Records
 - The Railway Age
 - Acts of Parliament
 - Further Reading
4. Made in Manchester
 - Cotton and Textiles
 - Coal Mining
 - Engineering, Chemical and Other Industries
 - Buses, Trams and Motor Vehicles
 - Air Travel
 - Commerce and Banking
 - Researching Workers, Companies, Industries and Trades
 - Further Reading 
5. Local Government and the Poor
 - Manchester and Salford Police Commissioners
 - Manchester Corporation and City Council
 - Salford Before and After Incorporation
 - Greater Manchester County
 - The Poor
 - Charities and Friendly Societies
 - The Temperance Movement
 - Further Reading
6. Health and Education
 - Infirmaries, Dispensaries, Asylums and Hospitals
 - Manchester Board of Health
 - Schools and Education
 - Sport and Football
 - Libraries
 - Further Reading
7. Court Records, Estates, Crime and Taxation
 - Salford Hundred
 - Manorial Records
 - Great Estates and Old Families
 - Law and Order
 - Local and National Taxation
 - Further Reading
8. We, the People
 - National Censuses, 1801-1911
 - Radical Manchester and Salford
 - Electoral Registers
 - Trade Unions and the Labour Movement
 - Co-operative Societies
 - The Anti-Corn Law Movement
 - Migration Experiences
 - Wartime Experiences
 - The Fire Service
 - Modern Cities
 - Further Reading
Appendix 1. Archives and Resources
Appendix 2. Useful Addresses
Appendix 3. Family History, Heritage and History Societies
Appendix 4. Useful Websites
Appendix 5. Poor Law Unions in Manchester and Salford
Appendix 6. Timeline of Key Dates
Appendix 7. Places to Visit

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Tracing Your Manchester and Salford Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians

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