The Shearers' War: The Story of the 1891 Shearers' Strike

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 328 pages
Author: S. Svenson
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780859054348
Other: 2nd ed., b&w photos, charts, appendixes, index
Publisher: Hesperian Press

'The Shearers' War' is the first exhaustively researched history of the legendary strike, and the definitive history of one of the most significant industrial disputes in Australian history. The book breaks new ground by disproving accepted myths, such as the commonly accepted view that
pastoralists were motivated to take action because of falling wool prices.

The book also dispels the myth promoted by a minority of historians that union leaders in 1891 were hatching a plot to take over the colony of Queensland by armed force. Although 12 union leaders were imprisoned for conspiracy, the only semblance of a conspiracy is shown to be the
united efforts of politicians and financiers to break the strength of a burgeoning and increasingly active union movement.

The significance of the strike to Australian politics is examined, and the origin of the legend of the Shearers' War explained.

This new edition improves upon the first while remaining true to the original. As with the original edition, the relevance of the strike to contemporary public policy is highlighted. These issues have been expanded upon in a new introduction, which outlines the major changes to industrial relations legislation since the writing of the first edition, and suggests parallels between the actions of Liberal governments in the 1890s and the 2000s, and the ultimate fates of those governments.

First published in 1989, and out of print for many year, this new revised edition now brings the history of this important event to the current generation.

1. Introduction
2. Opposing Forces
3. First Battles
4. General Call-out
5. Non-violent Non-cooperation
6. Sedition, Conspiracy and Counter-conspiracy
7. The Fight for Arbitration
8. The Politics of the Shearers' War
9. The Legend of the Shearers' War
10. Conclusion
Appendix A. The Contemporary Views of the War
Appendix B. The Battle of the Agreements
Appendix C. ALF's 1890 and 1891 Political Platforms
Appendix D. The Big Runs
Appendix E. Military Strength
Appendix F. Union Camps
Appendix G. Trade Union Law in Queensland 1891
Appendix H. List of Union Prisoners

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The Shearers' War: The Story of the 1891 Shearers' Strike

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