The Scottish Australasian 1910

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (391 pages)
Author: Offical Organ of Highland Society of NSW & Affiiated Societies
Year: (1910) 2010
ISBN: 9781742229300
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

This CD contains a complete run of the Scottish Australasian for 1909 and 1910. First published in December 1909, the journal wanted "to help the young folk of Scottish parentage to better understand the history, literature and songs of the land of their forefathers". The journals have articles on a wide range of topics relating to Scotland – articles on well known Scots in Australasia, Home News, missing friends, "personal paragraphs', obituaries, the clans, and much more.


An interesting old lady, Mrs. M’Pherson, has died at Fairlie, at the advanced age of 98. She was Fairlie’s oldest inhabitant. Her great-grandfather was the principal piper to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and he played the charge on the fatal Morning at Culloden. The pipes used on that occasion are still in the possession of the Duke of Atholl. Mrs. M’Pherson was brimful of stories of the romantic ‘45, and she was also fond of relating the exploits of the daring smugglers who were the terror of the Revenue officers in the Highlands early last century.

This CD contains high quality scanned images of the original journals for 1910, and has been bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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The Scottish Australasian 1910

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