The Free Settlers of Australia 1788-1828 (CD)

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (70 pages)
Author: J. Donohoe
Year: (2006) 2015
ISBN: 9781921807367
Other: bibliog
Publisher: James Donohoe

If your ancestor arrived in the colony between 1788 and 1828 (way before it was known as Australia) ... how do you find out more information on what ship they came on? This product (which is available in both CD-ROM and book form), makes it easy for you.

The compiler, James Donohoe has done the hard work for you in extracting names from numerous sources, and entering them into tables, and cross-checking etc. The result is this consolidated list of approximately 10,000 immigrants who arrived in Australia as free (migrant) settlers. Many immigrants arrived as soldiers and sailors (even if they didn't stay).

Listed in column format, each person is shown in alphabetical order (by surname) together with their ship of arrival in Australia, and where this information was ascertained.

The other section of the book listed alphabetically by ship is listed in column format, and gives the following information: ship name; date; port; number (of migrants/crew/convicts etc); record (hardcover number); access form (fiche/film number).

The information has been compiled using the official victualling lists, military payrolls and musters as the main sources of information, plus New South Wales Colonial Secretary's Records, and some family records were used as well.

The Free Settlers of Australia 1788-1828 (book)

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The Free Settlers of Australia 1788-1828 (CD)

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