Stories and Tales of the Transported Convicts

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 80 pages
Author: J. Donohoe
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780958754507
Other: bibliog, index, 2nd ed.
Publisher: James Donohoe

Not all Australian convicts came from England and Ireland. In fact of the 1040 convict ships that came to Australia, 70 came directly from other countries scattered all over the world. 

This book contains 250 stories about some of the obscure yet fascinating convicts transported to Australia. Almost half of those mentioned are females. Some were slaves, trade union martyrs, political exiles, Arabs, Negroes, Jews, prisoners of war, child convicts and more.

From those listed here, the convicts come from 120 different countries, and the reason for transportation varies from:
 - Summary offences (theft of property, assault, bigamy, sacrilege, base coin, pickpocketing)
 - Capital offences (burglary, murder, rape)
 - Machine breaking (industrial action against job-threatening factory machines during the Luddite sabotages in the Mid-lands in the 1810s and agricultural equipment particularly during the Swing Rebellion of the 1830s
 - Agricultural offences (farm sabotage by tenants against landlords)
 - Unlawful congregation (Trade Union type meetings, then banned)
 - Rebellion (armed or unarmed acts and threats against authorities)
 - Treason (acts or threats against the Crown or the Government)
 - Invasion (attack by Americans on the British in Upper Canada)
 - Mutiny and Desertion (navy, marines and army)
 - Misconduct (slaves who offended their masters)
 - Patriotism (French saboteurs during the Napoleonic War and Green "Pirates")
 - Military and naval offenders


1 Review
  • Interesting read

    Posted by Stephenie Chivers on 21st May 2020

    I found the stories very interesting to read

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Stories and Tales of the Transported Convicts

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