Recovering from Record Loss: A Research Guide

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 156 pages
Author: H. Hansen, A. Eakle & J. Tanner
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781533089724
Other: b&w photos, maps
Publisher: Family History Expos

Over the years many places or repositories have suffered the loss of significant portions of their records due to flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, tsunami, war and other causes such as insects, mould and even neglect. However all is not lost.

This book, written by a group of experts, is a research guide to assist you in manoeuvring around the losses to locate substitute or alternate resources. You will learn how to build a list of alternate sources, and how to locate jurisdictions that may hold duplicate or replacement information. You will learn to use maps to understand how jurisdictions change over time, as well as learning to write narratives and use forms of analysis all of which will help in your research strategy.

Success in identifying your ancestors comes when proven paths are followed, and why not take advice it from the experts?   

Please note: this is a US published book, and while the concepts they teach are useful for anyone anywhere, the examples are all US orientated.

Contributing Professionals
Record loss by flood, fire, war, and more
A five-step plan!
Build a list of alternate sources: substitute evidence and sources
Alternate jurisdictions when records are lost
Using maps to understand changing jurisdictions
Develop your own unique research strategies to guide your work
Focus on alternative libraries and archives: sources and resources
Write a narrative
Strategies for searching repositories
Friends, family, associations, genealogists
Create forms for clarity
Strategies to prove or disprove uncertain connections
Sharing results of your research
Simple source citations

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Recovering from Record Loss: A Research Guide

MSRP: $74.50
You save $9.50
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