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Lands Guide: A Guide to Finding Records of Crown Land at Public Record Office of Victoria - book

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 430 pages
Author: P. Nelson & L. Alves
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780975106877
Other: b&w photos, maos, appendixes, glossary, index
Publisher: Public Record Office of Victoria / Gould Genealogy

The 'Lands Guide' is a comprehensive resource for accessing records relating
to Crown land in the State of Victoria, and will be an indispensable finding aid
for anyone doing research into Victoria's land records.

This publication caters to a wide range of research interests, whether you
are wanting to find out about the lives of your ancestors or information about
the history of land in a particular location in the State of Victoria.


Contents Overview

 - List of Figures

 - List of Tables

 - Foreword

 - Acknowledgements

Part 1. Orientation

1. Getting Started

2. Introduction to Crown Land in Victoria by Charles Fahey: Unlocking the Land

Part 2. Introduction to Crown Lands in Victoria

3. Records of the Crown Lands of Victoria

4. Victorian Land Legislation

5. Locating and Identifying Land in Victoria

6. Using Parish Plans

7. Types of Land Files and How to Find Them

8. File Numbers and Recordkeeping Systems Relating to Land

9. Summary and Source Records

10. Using Microfiche Catalogues VPRS 7311 and VPRS 7312

11. Administration of Crown Land 1836-1983

Part 3. Surveys, Squatters and Aboriginal People - Early Land Administration
in Victoria

12. Victorian Survey Records

13. Grants of Land for Special Purposes, Crown Reserves and Commons

14. Pastoral Occupation and Pre-emptive Rights

15. Aboriginal Occupation of Land in Victoria from 1835

Part 4. Sale and Selection, Leases and Licences - The Demand for More Access
to Land

16. Crown Land Sales by Public Auction

17. Crown Land Sales Other than by Public Auction

18. Land Selection under the 'Sale of Crown Lands Act 1860'

19. Residence and Cultivation Licences, 'Sale of Crown Lands Act 1860'

20. Land Selection under the 'Land Act 1862'

21. Land Selection under the 'Amending Land Act 1865' and Section 33 of the
'Land Act 1869'

22. Land Selection under the 'Land Act 1869' and 'Land Act 1878'

23. Land Selection under the 'Land Act 1884' and Subsequent Acts

24. Mallee Lands

25. Miscellaneous Leases and Licences

26. Grazing Leases and Licences

Part 5. Settlement Schemes - Crown Land Administration in the Twentieth

27. Lands on the Goldfields

28. Residence Areas

29. Village Settlements, Homestead Associations and Labour Colonies

30. Closer Settlement

31. Types of Closer Settlement Schemes

32. Soldier Settlement

33. Immigration and Lands

34. Rural Assistance and Indebtedness

Part 6. Environment, Industries and Infrastructure

35. Special Provisions for Special Industries

36. Life Event Registers, Rabbits, a Coalmine and Roads

37. National Parks and the Port Phillip Authority

Part 7. Other Resources





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