Queensland Government Gazette 1899

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (3352 pages)
Year: (1899) 2009
ISBN: 9781742225685
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

A much underused resource of historical information, the Government Gazettes contains not details on events and happenings of the time, which include details and names of those involved. They were published by the government as a means of communication to officials and the general public. As such they are useful, not only to monitor the actions of the government, but also as far as family historians are concerned, they are valuable primary source documents.

Government Gazettes for a particular locality eventually become standardised with the type of material listed. In the 1890s you can expect the Government Gazettes to include the following information that will usually list names and sometimes name of emigrant vessel, addresses and/or occupations:
 - appointees to government positions
 - appointments of magistrates and Justices of the Peace
 - bank stocks
 - crown land leases
 - deceased estates
 - dissolution of business partnerships
 - Government Acts and Proclamations
 - insolvents
 - lists of officers, medical practitioners, ministers of religion etc
 - notices or rewards for lost or stolen property and stock
 - property owners subject to compulsory land acquisition by government
 - purchasers of land lodging caveats under Real Property Act
 - trademark registrations
 - unclaimed property

SAMPLE ENTRY (from the 1 April 1899 issue):

In the Supreme Court of Queensland.
In the Matter of an Insolvency Petition against John William Scott, of Bundaberg, in the colony of  Queensland, tanner, by himself. UPON the hearing of this Petition this day, it is ordered that the said John William Scott be and he is hereby adjudged insolvent, and that James Boyne Hall, Esquire, be Official Trustee of his Estate. And it is further ordered that the First General Meeting of the creditors of the said John William Scott, for the election of a Trustee, be held at the Office of the Registrar of this Court on the Thirteenth day of April, 1899, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. And it is further ordered that the said John William Scott shall, on the Eleventh day of April, 1899, at Brisbane, deliver to the Trustee in this Estate a full, true, and accurate statement, verified on oath, of his debts and liabilities of every kind, and of the names and residences, so far as known, of his creditors, and of the causes of his inability to meet his engagements.
Given under the seal of the Court this twenty-seventh day of March, 1899.
By the Court,
W. A. DOUGLAS, Deputy Registrar.

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Queensland Government Gazette 1899

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