Jubilee History of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (original)

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 546 pages
Author: R. Hamilton
Year: 1888
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published in 1888, this book celebrates the jubilee of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria. It was written by Robert Hamilton, "one of the oldest surviving pioneers in the Presbyterian ministry".

In two books, it examines:

  • Book 1 -– the rise of Presbyterianism in New South Wales and Port Phillip (1823-1841), the effects of home-disruption on the colonial church (1842-1846), the Free Presbyterian Church of Australia Felix (1847-1851), the effects of the gold discoveries (1851), the Melbourne Presbytery and the Synod of Australia (1852-1859), the Free Church Synod of Victoria (1852-1859), the United Presbyterian Church (1852-1858), negotiations with a view to union (1852-1858), and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria – Union celebrations April 1859
  • Book 2 -– the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (1859-1864), the Free Church Synod (1857-1864), the Synod of the Free Church of Victoria (1862-1866), the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (1865-1870), the General Assembly 10 November 1868, the United Presbyterian Church 1867-1870), events of the year and General Assembly for the years to 1886.


Mr. Ogilvy was cut off suddenly and without warning. Like his brother David, so recently deceased, John was eminently distinguished by an earnest and active piety, spotless purity of life, simplicity of purpose, strict conscientiousness in all duties, and a supreme anxiety to promote the cause of Christ at whatever cost to himself. As a man of business he was universally esteemed. He lived by faith, keeping and adorning the gospel in the sight of all men. In his attention to Sabbath-schools, he was an example to others; as an elder, wise in counsel, patient and self-denying. In his own sphere he proved himself one of the pillars of the Church. He was liberal in his contributions, and unwearied in his real. Though summoned without warning, he was not unprepared. To him "to live was Christ, and to die was gain".

CONDITION: other than a few age spots, this book is in excellent condition, with original covers and endpages.


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Jubilee History of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (original)

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