Historical Records of Australia Series 1 Volumes 1-26 Set

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Media: DATA CD - 2 CDs (23,917 pages)
Year: (1914-25) 2009
ISBN: 9781742222950
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

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The official 'Historical Records of Australia' were collected and published by the Library Committee of the Commonwealth Parliament in order to create a series of historically accurate publications on the history of Australia, beginning in 1788, the year the settlement at Port Jackson was founded.

The first series of the Historical Records, published from 1914-1925, contains despatches from the Governors, who were in charge of the Crown Colonies, to the authorities in England. These despatches included detailed reports on many subjects, of both major and minor importance. Some of the things to be found in this series: arrivals of ships, convict records, correspondence, promotions, petitions, rations, embarkation, appointments and much more.

This fully searchable CD set contains all 26 volumes in Series 1 Historical Records of Australia, on 2 CDs. They contain high quality scanned images of the whole of each original book. The CDs have been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

The list of volumes in series 1 is as follows:
Volume 1. 1788-1796
Volume 2. 1797-1800
Volume 3. 1801-1802
Volume 4. 1803-Jun 1804
Volume 5. Jul 1804-Aug 1806
Volume 6. Aug 1806-Dec 1808
Volume 7. Jan 1809-Jun 1813
Volume 8. Jul 1813-Dec 1815
Volume 9. Jan 1816-Dec 1818
Volume 10. Jan 1819-Dec 1822
Volume 11. Jan 23-Nov 1825
Volume 12. Jun 1825-Dec 1826
Volume 13. Jan 1827-Feb 1828
Volume 14. Mar 1828-May 1828
Volume 15. Jun 1829-Dec 1830
Volume 16. 1831-1832
Volume 17. 1833-Jun 1835
Volume 18. Jul 1835-Jun 1837
Volume 19. Jul 1837-Jan 1839
Volume 20. Feb 1838-Sep 1840
Volume 21. Oct 1840-Mar 1842
Volume 22. Apr 1824-Jun 1843
Volume 23. Jul 1843-Sep 1844
Volume 24. Oct 1844-Mar 1846
Volume 25. Apr 1846-Sep 1847
Volume 26. Oct 1847-Dec 1848

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1 Review
  • HRA on disc

    Posted by A gem for all Australian historians on 13th Oct 2021

    I wish I had known about this resource earlier. Fantastic. Easily accessed on my Mac too.

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Historical Records of Australia Series 1 Volumes 1-26 Set

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