Hiring a Professional Genealogist You Can Trust - EBOOK

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Media: EBOOK - download
File Format: PDF, 7MB (28 pages)
Author: Legacy Tree Genealogists
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781925323924
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Unlock the Past

No matter how long you've been researching, or much you love following the ancestral trail, there will be times when your best path to success comes through the help of a professional researcher. 

This book will help you explore:
 - when hiring help may be appropriate
 - how to find the best fit for your needs
 - how to make the most of a professional's time so you get the most bang for your buck
 - what to expect during the process

It covers topics like how to find a researcher, and how to choose a genealogist you can trust, and how you need to define your goals and give background information to the researcher.  

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1. Introduction
2. Why hire a professional?
 - Time
 - Brick walls
 - Language barriers
 - Onsite research
 - Lineage societies
 - Team approach
 - DNA analysis
 - Family history travel/tourism
 - Validation
3. How to find a genealogist?
 - Search engines
 - Auction/bid sites
 - Aggregate sites
 - Referrals
4. How to choose a genealogist you can trust?
 - Work samples
 - The Genealogical Proof Standard of Proof
 - Time management
 - Historical context
 - Accuracy
 - Citations
 - Public reviews
 - Credentials
5. Setting your project up for success
 - Concise goals
 - Background information
 - Clear expectations
6. What to expect
 - Costs
 - Timelines
 - The finished product
7. Conclusion
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Hiring a Professional Genealogist You Can Trust - EBOOK

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