Heroes Have Wings: The Stories of Australian Airmen in the Great Air Battles of World War Two

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 232 pages
Author: P. Firkins
Year: 1993
ISBN: 085905179X
Other: b&w photos, appendix, bibliog, index
Publisher: Hesperian Press

Peter Firkins is a West Australian who volunteered for service in the RAAF during World War II at the age of seventeen. He completed a tour of operations on No. 460 RAAF (Lancaster) Squadron, RAF Bomber Command while still aged eighteen.

Since the war, his fascination with military history has made him one of Australia's most prolific authors in that field, having published five books on the subject.

"Heroes Have Wings' is a compilation of the stories of RAAF aces in the great air battles of WWII, most told for the first time. But this is not just a recital of episodes of gallantry in the lives of young fliers by the addition of the author's commentary on tactics and strategy and command decisions as a backdrop to and a mean of understanding the action situations themselves.

The book, which comines narrative with analysis is a chronicle of the contributions made by Australian flyers to the air offensive of the Allies in World War II.

Royal Australian Air Force: A Salute
1. First Strikes
2. Fighting Back
3. War Over the Desert
4. One of Our Aircraft
5. George Cross Island
6. Aces High
7. First Against Japan
8. 'Morituri Vox Salutamus'
9. Two Terrible Months
10. Last Days in the East
11. The Enemy at the Gates
12. Desert Victories
13. For Valour
14. The Pathfinders
15. War Against to U-Boats
16. For Conspicuous Gallantry
17. 'I'm Enjoying Myself
18. Battles in the Bay
19. The Final Reckoning
Appendix: Australian Aces

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Heroes Have Wings: The Stories of Australian Airmen in the Great Air Battles of World War Two

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