Grandfather Was a Policeman: The Western Australia Police Force 1829-1899

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 184 pages
Author: M. Bentley
Year: 1993
ISBN: 0859051439
Publisher: Hesperian Press

This book evolved from a series of articles which appeared in the 'Western Ancestor', the journal of the Western Australian Genealogical Society in 1985 and 1986 under the title 'Searching for Ancestors in the Western Australia Police Force'. They were written in response to the many enquiries that the author has received from people who knew or believed that their forbears had served as policemen in Western Australia in the last century.

Covering the development of policing in Western Australia from the establishment of the colony in 1829, it is followed through until the close of the nineteenth century.

This book does not purport to be a definitive history of the Western Australia police force, rather it is to be regarded as a backdrop for the men who served in it. The author has used an anecdotal style as incidents taken directly from police occurrence and letter books sometimes provide a clearer and memorable picture of contemporary conditions than the bare statement of facts.

Where possible, names of serving policemen have been included, but records of the early years are sometimes scanty, with individual names being omitted or shown with incorrect initials and suspect spelling.

List of Illustrations and Maps
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1. The Beginnings
2. Settlement
3. The Aborigines and the White Man
4. The Winds of Change
5. The Convicts Arrive
6. The Changing Scene
7. A Fragmented Police Force
8. A Superintendent Appointed
9. John Augustus Conroy
10. Conroys' Problems
11. Acting Superintendent Barlee and Inspector Hogan
12. Sir Alexander Cocjkburn-Campbell
13. Superintendent William Hogan
14. The Hogan Years
15. Acting Superintendent Crampton
16. Superintendent G.E.C. Hare
17. Matthew Skinner Smith
18. Aborigines, Settlers, Magistrates and Publicans
19. The Fenians and the Police
20. Police Duties and Internal Discipline
21. Extended Frontiers and More Problems
22. George Braithwaite Phillips
Appendix 1. Flash Language
Appendix 2. Salary Lists

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Grandfather Was a Policeman: The Western Australia Police Force 1829-1899


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