German Research Guide: Sources, Strategies & Methodology

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 292 pages
Author: H. Hansen, R. Maness, A. Eakle & J. Tanner
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781523363056
Other: b&w photos, maps
Publisher: Family History Expos

The study of German jurisdictions, gothic script, locating and using the records to identify your ancestors. In-depth analysis, historical understanding, and knowing the jurisdictional changes are critical to your research success. How much data you extract from the records, how carefully you study that information, and your level of understanding of the records and the context of the facts they hold dictates your research success. This research guide will give you some great resources, strategies, and instruction helping you with your German research questions.


Table of Contents

  • Contributing Professionals

    • Introduction to German Research and the Internet
    • The Bottom Line
    • Helpful German Research Websites
    • You're Not Alone - Learning and Sharing
    • Finding the German Place of Origin
    • Identifying Places and Jurisdictions
    • Getting into Research
    • Reading and Understanding Records
    • Conclusion
  • German Naming Practices and the Importance of Feast Days in German Research
    • Given Names
    • Surnames
    • Feast Day Dates
    • French Republican Calendar
    • Additional Resources
  • Understanding German Words and Reading Germanic Gothic Script
    • Principles
    • Procedures
    • Construct an Alphabet Using the Letters the Writer Is Using
    • Look for Patterns in the Record Keeping Style
    • Use Logic
    • Selected Bibliography & Reference Aids
    • Basic Germanic Script Alphabet
  • Introduction to the NEW FamilySearch Catalog: Use It Like a Pro
    • Exercise One: Learn some basics about the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Two: The "Places" search by country in the FamilySearch Catalog.
    • Exercise Three: Drilling down, or searching "Places" on different jurisdictional levels
    • Exercise Four: The "Surnames" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Five: The "Titles" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Six: The "Author" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Seven: The "Subjects" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Eight: The "Keywords" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Nine: The "Call Number" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Ten: The "Film/Fiche Number" search in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Eleven: Using Combined Searches in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • Exercise Twelve: Use Wildcard Options in the FamilySearch Catalog
  • Records Created by the Emigration/Immigration Process
    • Locating Hard-to-Find Places of Foreign Birth
    • Research by Association—A Key Research Strategy
    • Using Mid^ West Church Affiliations to Find the Right Church
    • Reconstruct Your Immigrant Family - A key research strategy
    • Immigration Process - Arrival Records
    • Immigrant Records - A Checklist
    • Emigration Process - Foreign Exit Documents Checklist
    • Select Bibliography
  • Effective Use of German Gazetteers
    • Historical Overview of the Area Known as "Germany”
    • Words for other jurisdictions which you might encounter
  • Learn More … Using Catalogs, Wikis, and Search Engines
    • First a Few Definitions
    • String Search, Example Google
    • Catalogs and Catalog-type Databases
    • Wiki or Wiki-like Databases.
  • German Church Records, Civil Registration, and "County Level” Vital Records
    • Church Records
    • Civil Registration Records - Minimally begin in 1876 for the whole of Germany
    • County (District) Level Vital Records
  • Find Your German Ancestors Now! Solving German Research Problems
    • Problem #1: Only "Prussia,” "Germany,” or the name of a German State is known
    • Problem #2: A Place Name has been found on a Passenger List or on a Family Record which can't be identified in a gazetteer or on a map
    • Problem #3: You have a place, but there are more than 45 by that same name
    • Problem #4: I'm in the right area and have searched several towns with the correct name, but my ancestors are simply not in the records
    • Problem #5: My ancestor is born in Germany according to census and other records, but he has a very English-sounding name
  • Germany Research Tips and Strategies
    • Basic principles
    • Geography and history
    • Using maps
    • Using genealogy databases online
    • Using online indexes
    • Using town genealogies (Ortssippenbucher/Ortsfamilienbucher)
    • The "Thomas Principle"
    • Strategies for evaluation
    • Regional peculiarities
    • Technical Difficulties
    • Left-side Right-side films
    • Using a library catalog
    • Common False Assumptions
    • Search and Research!
  • Printed Sources for German Research
    • Directories
    • Family Histories
    • Community (Local) Histories
    • Military Records
    • Ministerial Histories
    • Nobility
    • Occupations
    • Periodicals
    • Royalty
  • Using Family Books in German Research
    • Very Important General Note for All FamilySearch Catalog Entries
  • Letting,, and the Family Tree Offer search Assistance for Searching German Records
  • Putting German Families Together Accurately
    • Research Strategy: European Churchbooks—Evidence to Prove Family Relationships (Based on lectures by Larry 0. Jensen, June 2007. Used with permission)
    • Research Strategy: Immigration from Switzerland
    • Match Data from Churchbooks to Other Documents
    • Research Strategy: Americans are foreign born or descend from foreign-born people
    • Walloon Settlers in New York
  • Sharing the Results of Your Research
    • Get Others Interested
    • Share
    • Get and Give a Hand Up
    • Use the Cloud
    • Heritage Collector’s Free Standard Version
  • Supplement
    • Terms Denoting Farmers or Farm Laborers
    • The Village Community
    • Some Terminology used in German Parish Registers and Civil Registration Documents
    • Latin - Relationship & Other Terms
    • Timeline - What Was Happening in Your German Ancestor’s Life
    • Some Death Causes in Germany
    • A Day in Magdeburg in the 30 Years' War - 1618-1648
    • Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs- Lexidon des Deutschen Reichs
    • German Given Names
    • Some German Surnames with Latin Equivalent
  • Simple Source Citations
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German Research Guide: Sources, Strategies & Methodology

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