Researching Local History: Your Guide to the Sources

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 240 pages
Author: S. Raymond
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781526770427
Other: b&w photos, sketches, index
Publisher: Pen and Sword

How has the place we live in changed, developed, and grown over the centuries? That is the basic question local historians seek to answer. The answer is to be found in the sources of information that previous generations have left us. The records of parish, county, and diocesan administration, of the courts, of the national government, and of private estates all throughout England, all have something to tell us about the history of the locality we are interested in. So do old newspapers and other publications. All of these sources are readily available, but many have been little used.

Local historians come from a wide diversity of backgrounds. But whether you are a student researching a dissertation, a family historian interested in the wider background history of your family, a teacher, a librarian, an archivist, an academic, or are merely interested in the history of your own area, this book is for you. If you want to research English local history, you need a detailed account of the myriad sources readily available. This book provides a comprehensive overview of those sources, and its guidance will enable you to explore and exploit their vast range. It poses the questions which local historians ask, and identifies the specific sources likely to answer those questions.

1. What is English Local History?
2. Preliminaries to Research
3. People an Population: The Sources
4. National and Local Government: The Sources
5. Landed Property, Wealth and Poverty: The Sources
6. Agricultural History: The Sources
7. Trade, Industry and Occupations: The Sources
8. Living Conditions, Education, Religion and Leisure: The Sources
Subject Index

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Researching Local History: Your Guide to the Sources

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