Downsizing with Family History in Mind

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 198 pages
Author: D. Noel Lee & A. Lee
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781097979738
Other: b&w photo
Publisher: Family History Fanatics

Whether you have 1 hour or 1 year to downsize your possessions or those of a loved one, the task is overwhelming and fraught with error. "Downsizing with Family History in Mind" guides you through the process with Action Plans based on the time you have available to complete the downsizing process.

You will also learn how to evaluate your possessions so you know what to keep to preserve your family's legacy and what you can give away.

Learn why when you have less, you have more, through "Downsizing with Family History in Mind".

Who needs to downsize?
Why de-cluttering does not work
A better way to downsize
REDUCE: Principles of evaluating your possessions
REDUCE: Evaluate your household items
REDUCE: Evaluate your papers and documents
REDUCE: Evaluate your books and periodicals
REDUCE: Evaluate your photos and media
Downsizing Action Plan
PRESERVE: Digitize your family history
PRESERVE: Labeling and storing
RECLAIM: Gain space by giving away
SHOWCASE: Display what you love
Peace from downsizing
Action Plans

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Downsizing with Family History in Mind

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