Down and Out in Scotland: Researching Ancestral Crisis - EBOOK

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Media: EBOOK - download
File Format: PDF, 8MB (56 pages)
Author: C. Paton
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781921956164
Other: colour photos, further reading, index
Publisher: Unlock the Past

It is perhaps one of greatest truisms of family history research that we will often find that the lives of our ancestors were best documented when the chips were truly down.

There were many battles that our forebears fought for and against in Scotland, both on a personal level and a part of the society within which they lived. There were the laws of the local parish church and the punishments awaiting those who breached kirk discipline; the struggles to avoid poverty and the stigma of being a debtor; the darkest moments of the soul, from mental health issues and illness, to murder and suicide; and the dramatic moments of rebellion, when our forebears drew a line in the sand against a perceived tyranny or democratic deficit. Illness, death, bigamy, abandonment, accidents, eviction, ethnic cleansing - a dramatic range of challenges across a lifetime, and at times, outright tragedy. And close to each of them, a quill and ink.

But through all of these episodes, there is an even greater story that emerges, of how our ancestors overcame such struggles. In this Unlock the Past guide, genealogist Chris Paton goes in search of the records of ancestral hardship in Scotland, to allow us to truly understand the situations that our ancestors had to endure and overcome across the generations, to hep us become the very people who we are today.

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1. Family events and relationships
- Illegitimacy
- Foundlings, orphans and adoption
- Marriage, bigamy and divorce
- Homosexuality
- Death
2. Law and order
- The Kirk
- The Crown
- Franchise and burgh courts
- Criminal prosecution
- Murder
- Additional courts
- Police and prison records
- Transportation
- Execution
3. Poverty
- The Old Poor Law
- The New Poor Law
- The records
4. Debt
- Put to the horn
- Debts upon inheritance
- Cessio bonorum and sesquestration
5. Medical problems
- Hospital records
- Asylums
- Suicide
- Accidents
6. Them and us
- The Covenanters and the Killing Time
- The Jacobite rebellions
- The expulsion of the Gael
- The vote
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Down and Out in Scotland: Researching Ancestral Crisis - EBOOK

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