Controversial Issues in Scottish History

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (616 pages)
Author: W. Gregg
Year: (1910)
Publisher: ScotPress

This work aroused intense interest among both the popular and academic historians of the day, for it reprinted major portions of early chronicles and histories which long had been unavailable other than at research libraries. More importantly, Gregg contrasted what those primary sources "said" to what contemporary historians of his own age were writing about those same issues or periods. The controversy over the Picts and the Scots was one such issue. Among the topics included  were early Pictish history and language, early Celtic Christianity, the Book of Deer, Macbeth, the origins of clans, and the Wallace-Bruce era of Scottish history. Gregg was primarily interested in presenting the ancient chronicles as a source of information to be used to check and correct modern historians. Today, it is an essential work for anyone interested in the period 600-1350, in great part because of this presentation of early materials, and because of the contrast between the early chronicles and the 19th-century historians.

This CD consists of scans of the original book, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

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Controversial Issues in Scottish History


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