Colonial Life and Christian Experience

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (511 pages)
Author: H. Hussey
Year: (1897) 2007
ISBN: 9781921416187
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Henry Hussey (1825-1903), evangelist, millenarian, printer and historian, emigrated from England to Australia with his parents and siblings in 1839.

'More Than Half a Century of Colonial Life and Christian Experience' is a large volume of over 500 pages which was first published in 1897. This is Henry's story of his life in both England and South Australia. Starting with his life in England, then the emigration and arrival in South Australia. By 1850 he had a business and in the gold rushes printed the 'South Australian Register' and the 'Adelaide Observer'. From printing Hussey progressed to publishing Evangelical and millenarian journals, and to bookselling at his Bible Hall and Tract Depot in Adelaide. His time as secretary to George Fife Angus is also included.

This is a valuable resource for not only those interested in South Australia's early social and Christian history, but also for those with an interest or connections to Henry Hussey and his family.

1. Early Days in England
2. Emigration to South Australia
3. Arrival in South Australia in Its Early Days
4. Visit to Launceston and Sydney
5. Return to South Australia. Various Occupations
6. Commercial Failures and Disasters
7. Sunday-School Work and Trinity Church
8. Commenced Business as a Printer. Started the "Church Intelligencer." Gold Discovery in Victoria. Return to the "Register" and "Observer"
9. Re-Commenced Business After Saving "Register" and "Observer." Preaching--Stations and Services
10. Departure for the United States Via Tahiti and Panama, with Incidents of Travel
11. Tour Through Some of the United States. Baptised at Bethany
12. A Visit to England
13. Leaving England for South Australia a Second Time
14. Preaching, Printing, Publishing
15. Domestic Affairs. The Baptismal Question Again
16. My History of South Australia. Secular and Home Mission Work
17. Private Secretary to the Hon. G.F. Angas. Anti-Popish Crusade
18. Assist Pastor in Bentham Street Church. Sundry Matters--Personal, Social, and Political. the Bible in (or Out of) State Schools
19. Death of Pastor Playford. Appointed His Successor. My Mother's Death. A Candidate for the House of Assembly
20. Lectures on Prophecy. Visit to Visit to Neighbouring Colonies. "Australian Quarterly Journal of Prophecy." Visit of Sir. Henry Varley
21. Death of Mr G.F. Angas, Compiling Material for His Memoirs. Had to Undergo a Serious Operation. Death of My Only Son, and the Effect It Had upon Me
22. Establishment of Adelaide Bible Hall and Tract Depot. Visit to Neighboring Colonies. Retirement from and Resumption, Office of Pastor in Bentham Street. Retirement from Bible Hall on Account of Infirmities of Old Age
 - The Missing Ones
 - Sankey's "Songs and Solos"--Nos. Referring to the Second Coming of Christ
 - Programme of Prophecy
 - Signs of the Approaching End of the Age
 - Remarks on a Few of These Signs

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. This CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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Colonial Life and Christian Experience


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