Born in 1963? What Else Happened?

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 176 pages
Author: R. Williams
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780648651161
Publisher: Boom Books

As people get a little bit older, they become more reflective on their lives. Nostalgia edges in and they start to look back at their childhood and dwell on those early years. But when they get back to 1963 when it began for them, they can't remember a thing. 

Born in 1963? is one is a series of 32 year-by-year books that highlights the social history happenings in Australia at that time. So if you'd like to know what happened in the year you were born - you can't get a better book that this.

Arranged chronologically by months, Ron Williams has scoured newspapers, magazines and other sources and has come up with most of the major events that occurred during 1963. He presents these happenings in a thoroughly readable book, with both respect and some added humour.   

He asks the question, do you think that the world is moving too quickly now? If so, then think about 1963. The bodies of Bogle and Chandler mystified police and still do so. The Queen popped in and knighted Bob, now Sir Bob Menzies. Initiation ceremonies to universities and the military vexed some caring mothers, and the Labour Party was ridiculed for listening to 36 faceless men. The fruits of the Baby Boom were being harvested so that hooliganism was a big problem. A learned professor suggested that this fair land should take in 50,000 negroes as migrants. John Kennedy, President of the USA, was shot dead.

Three on-going matters
Bogle and Chandler
The Queen's visit
Initiation ceremonies
Goodies and baddies
Decimal currency
Migration is not easy
Get tough on trouble-makers
Churches and politics
The units of currency are named
Negroes as migrants and the WAP
Fluoride in your teeth
Can't  teach: You're colour blind
Never-changing Oz Parliaments
Police under fire
Oz overseas trade
Aussies under the microscope
Showing the flag
Oz reaction to Kennedy
The federal elections
Christmas is here again
Summing up 1963


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Born in 1963? What Else Happened?

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