Born in 1953? What Else Happened?

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 160 pages
Author: R. Williams
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780994601537
Publisher: Boom Books

What happened in Australia back in 1953? Most people aren't likely to remember.

Ron Williams has created this series to record the events that made news in Australia year-by-year. Each volume in the series describes the happenings that affected people, real people, and is designed to make you remember and wonder at things you'd forgotten or didn't know about. They're also designed to get the older (and younger) generations talking about the past to rediscover heritage that otherwise would be forgotten. 

So what did make news in 1953? In 1953 pets in churches were welcomed with open arms. Painless childbirth was popular, especially among women. Be warned - the coronation of Elizabeth will soon be in the news. Edmund Hillary reached the top. Thallium became popular, as a footballer found out. Lots of Pom migrants had done their time, and went back to Mother England.  

Preface to this Series
TV is coming
Three arguments about wool
Broken Hill and the law
Painless childbirth
Give women a break
Hope in Korea? Maybe
Shakespeare in Sydney
It's all Quite a Circus
Elizabeth's crowning glory
Coronation grumbles
Man really at the top
Doing it tough in prison
Another dose of thallium
Peace in Korea at last
Poms going home
My, how things change
Redex trial
Police on the beat
Ladders in nylons
The Melbourne Cup
Compulsory Unionism
The Queen is still coming
Summing up 1953


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Born in 1953? What Else Happened?


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