Born in 1943? What Else Happened?

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 186 pages
Author: R. Williams
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780987543608
Publisher: Boom Books

Born in 1943 is one in a series 32 books that recalls life in Australia over the period 1939 to 1970. Each volume covers news from a different year, and describes the happenings that affected people ... real people throughout that period, and highlights the social history happenings in Australia at that time. So if you'd like to know what happened in the year you were born - you can't get a better book than this.

Some of the happenings that are mentioned in this 1943 volume include: Prime Minister Chifley changed his mind; A Jap invasion was no longer on the cards, but he still went on to introduce butter, clothing, and meat rationing. And he said that domestic service was no longer permissible because of labour shortages, but he relented a bit, and allowed most workers a week's holiday at Christmas; And the blackout covers on all windows could be removed, but then a week later they had to go up again; Zoot suits were now for the wearing, fights in city pubs were very popular especially if they involved US servicemen; But fears of Japanese invasion had gone by year's end.

Designed to make you remember and wonder at things forgotten. The books might just let nostalgia see the light of day, so that oldies and youngies will talk about the past and rediscover a heritage otherwise forgotten. 

John Curtin's Labour Ministry
A sorry story from Broome
How is the war going?
Curtin juggles the militia
Strikes in war-time
Men's clothing
Manpower in action
Curtin's loan appeal
Man-power flexing its muscles
Trade union's winning ways
Butter rationing
Curtin changes his tune
Something to chew over
Mind your language
Early election?
A bombshell from Mussolini
Daylight saving
Election results
Zoot suits
Juvenile delinquents
More juvenile delinquents
Hating an empire
Monday is washing day
The men and women in the street
The end of 1943





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Born in 1943? What Else Happened?

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