Tales of Western Australia's Convicts: Ramillies 1854 Volume 1

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 230 pages
Author: G. Sewell
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9780859059145
Other: bibliog, indexes
Publisher: Hesperian Press

The ‘Ramillies’ was barque that was built at Sunderland in Durham, England in 1845, and was initially employed as a convict transport ship for voyages to Western Australia. There were a total of 37 voyages carrying almost 10,000 convicts were sent to the colony, and the ‘Ramillies’ was voyage number 13 of these.

The 1854 voyage took 79 days and arrived in Fremantle on 7 August 1854, with 94 passengers and 277 convicts (1 death recorded on voyage).

Between the two volumes of the ‘Tales of Western Australia’s Convicts: Ramillies’ there are biographies of all 277 convicts from this voyage.

Some of the crimes the men were convicted for included burglary, larceny, firing a stack, counterfeiting coins, uttering forged banknotes, cattle and horse stealing, wounding with intent, arson, firing a pistol at the Queen, receiving stolen goods, manslaughter, embezzlement, sacrilege, pick pocket, court martial, highway robbery … and the list goes on and on.

Glennis Sewell has researched the lives of all 277 convicts aboard the ‘Ramillies’ 1854 voyage, and provides details of when and where they were born, employment, other brushes with the law, when they were pardoned, who they married and any children, and when they died. As well as a bunch of anecdotal details throughout.

A valuable record for anyone with connections to those on the ‘Ramillies’ 1854 or who has an interest in convicts in Western Australia.

CLICK HERE to see a full index of the Ramillies V1 and V2 volumes.

The Voyage of the 'Ramillies'
A Personal Look at the Prisoners
Sentence Length, Personal Descriptions and Occupations
Issuing of Prisoner Numbers
The English Prisoners
The Irish Prisoners
The Scottish Prisoners
The Welsh Prisoners
Research Tools
Index and References

Tales of Western Australia's Convicts: Ramillies 1854 Volume 2



2 Reviews
  • Ramillies

    Posted by colleen fancote on 4th Jan 2023

    Excellent book. Well research, Worth every penny.

  • Convict settlement

    Posted by Ian James Arthur Bates on 15th Dec 2022

    I have no ties to convict ancestors at all but found this book a good read as it detailed their lives from early childhood to their demise, Glennis Sewell is to be commended for her dedication.

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Tales of Western Australia's Convicts: Ramillies 1854 Volume 1

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