Police gazettes


4 ways to order New South Wales police gazettes

Individual years - as ebook downloads

By decade - 10 years on a USB flash drive with master search of all years - 70% discount on the cost of 10 separate years
(1860s and 1930s slightly less than 10 years)

Complete collection 1862-1938 - all 77 years on USB flash drive with master search of the entire collection - 83% discount on the cost of all as separate years - Click here for details

FREE index to to all years - the key to finding what years are of interest to you - click here to download

Original bound printed volumes - 18 years available - these are very scarce and rarely come up for sale. The we have seen (some years ago) sold for $400-$500 per voume (year). We are offering these at $195 each, with discounts if mulitiple volumes are ordered. Click here or the image below for more details



Click here to learn more about Police gazettes - what they contain and why they are so useful for family and local history research.

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