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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (111 pages)
Year: (1938) 2008
ISBN: 9781921494819
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

'Armidale 75th Anniversary of the Municipality' in 1938 is one of those indispensable local histories that are sought by family historians seeking to put flesh on the bones of their ancestors’ genealogy by examining their places of residence. Although it celebrates an anniversary in the life of Armidale the coverage goes back further than 1863, to the very first days of European settlement in the district.

The story includes the earliest families of the region such as Sempill, Dangar, Dumaresq, Turner, Clerk, Elliot, Everett, Baker, Morse, Tourle and Fenwicke.

The book contains interesting old photographs of the scenic places around Armidale, the story of the bushranger Ward, known as Thunderbolt, the history of the region’s newspapers, and a summary of all the major holdings including Saumarez, Gostwyck, Abington, and Salisbury Court. Mayors are all named with their term of office as are all those who contributed to the 75th anniversary celebrations. Potted histories of all institutions including the churches, schools and colleges, hospitals, institutes and societies, the Armidale Teachers College, the New England University, and the Chamber of Commerce are featured. Some officers of groups are not only named but have photographs included. Sporting organizations are not forgotten and receive a similar treatment.

For any reader with a link to Armidale this is a must read!

Old historical records are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history. They provide information on the environment experienced by the residents of the time and how they lived, as well as their occupations.

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book, bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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Armidale 1863-1938 - EBOOK

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