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Year: (1999, 1926 & 1905) 2024
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This contains three separate books relating to the history of the Lowlands and Borders of Scotland.

  • The Border Clans. Since the families who dominated the turbulent Border country constantly were in trouble with the governments of either Scotland or England - or both - various lists have survived detailing the families, their dependants, allies and supporters, and their relative position for or against the government. This is a compilation of those lists.
  • The Border Revivers. By Jean Lang. In the 15th and 16th centuries, English and Scottish monarchs fought back and forth across the border, and desperate families on both sides sought to survive in a world on constant change. This is a history of those families, their plight, and their exploits, in an age of heroes and rascals.
  • The Condition of the Anglo-Scottish Border at the Time of the Union of 1603. By John Graham. This history begins with the conditions prevailing in the last years of reign of Queen Elizabeth and carries through the first years of the reign of James VI and I. It is a detailed history of the Border revivers and of the government's action against them before 1603. Much of its emphasis is upon James's effort to pacify the region after he ascended the English throne. The graham family plays a major role in this study, since it bore the brunt of James's animosity.

Contents (The Condition of the Anglo-Scottish Border at the Time of the Union of 1603

Editor's Note
Chapter I Origin of the Raider
Chapter II Primitive Courts of Justice
Chapter III Lord Maxwell
Chapter IV Johnie Armstrong
Chapter V Wrath of King Henry VIII
Chapter VI The Seventh Earl of Northumberland
Chapter VII Northumberland Betrayed
Chapter VIII The Countess Betrayed
Chapter IX Extensive Reiving
Chapter X Buccleuch and Kinmont Willie
Chapter XI Embarrassment of King James
ChapterXII Accession of Kingjames
Chapter XIII The King's Passion for Favourites
Chapter XIV Lord Cumberland and the Cumbrian Gentry in 1605
Chapter XV Commission for the Pacification of the Border
Chapter XVI Progress of the Crusade
Chapter XVII Borderers Suspected of Treason
Chapter XVIII The Bishop of Carlisle
Chapter XIX The Bogs of Roscommon
Chapter XX Final Pacification of the Border

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A Border History Sourcebook - EBOOK

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